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Money can’t buy me Love

twenty pound notes

  How will I afford to live to a decent standard?   What if I run out of money? If only I could make enough to pay the bills and follow my heart doing what I’d really love to do?   How will I cope if I get into debt?   These are some of…

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Are you ready? Let’s Talk

  Let’s Talk   I have a space available for YOU if you’re in that place of holding your breathe and somehow knowing it’s your turn – it’s the perfect time for you to make your leap of faith – it has to be now …. If the thought of Mentoring with me resonates for…

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Aren’t you tired of hiding your light?

Drop the Masks “When I accept myself, I am free of needing you to accept me” ~ Dr. Steve Maraboli   Come out of hiding   Are you fed up of playing hide and seek, wearing masks or pretending to be something you are not? Wouldn’t you much rather be accepted for who you really…

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Do you argue for your limitiations?

“One cannot be prepared for something whilst secretly believing it will not happen” – Nelson Mandela   Last week I talked about Limiting beliefs. Now lets go a little further.   Ask yourself ….   What are the actions you keep repeating over and over again, even if they are dressed up in different ways.…

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The limiting Beliefs that keep you stuck

Limiting Beliefs   Can I ask you a question? What happens when you are given a big opportunity for growth in your life, be that personal growth, work related, financial? What’s your first reaction? Glee, excitement, curiosity, whoo hoo? What’s your 2nd, 3rd, 4th reaction? Do you maintain a high level of excitement and anticipation…

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