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Remember who you are

Where in your life are you hiding or denying your gifts? What are you scared of owning because it feels too big whether that be in the responsibility stakes or just too big to get your head around? What greatness within you terrifies the **** out of you and therefore stops you taking even a…

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Who wants change and a bit of self care?

STUCK? Lost? Need a helping hand? from Sally Canning on Vimeo.   I saw a cartoon the other day – a speaker standing at a podium asked two questions of his audience:   The first …. Who wants change? The response was a unanimous sea of  waving arms   The second …. Who wants to…

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A little introduction

I have been invited to a couple of events where I’ll have to introduce myself. Ooohh I’m suddenly feeling kind of vulnerable. After having an enforced year out of working there’s no protective mantle to hide behind. Well … that’s not absolutely true, but a great deal has changed in my perception of personal and…

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