Is being alone the same as being Lonely?

Alone V’s Lonely and some thoughts on what to do     Being alone is a million miles away from being lonely – that’s often an imposed interpretation of another – their thoughts – their emotions, their life.  Savour every moment of your ‘aloneness’ – given the opportunity it will feed your heart and soul…

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10 Ways to Make Intention Work for You

dare to live out loud photo women on beach

Guidelines for setting Intentions   Let me ask you a question:   What is it you REALLY want? – Yes you.  Not what other people want for you and that you do your damnedest to live up to – or down to, whichever the case may be.  Think about it, does the prospect of that make…

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Fun is FUNdamental     It’s an essential part of life, kind of like food and water, only thing is, from what you tell me,  many of you are dealing with the ‘overwhelm’ of your daily lives where you have barely enough time to breathe let alone anything else.  So, I’ve been wondering how I…

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5 thoughts to help you get out of your own way

spread your wings and fly quote sally canning

 Thoughts have great power   “Each morning when I open my eyes, I say to myself, my thoughts, not the events have the power to be happy or unhappy today.  I have the power to choose which it shall be.”  Groucho Marx #inspirational quote  DARE TO BE YOU!     1. Mind your Thoughts   Your…

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Personal Power – My No C * * P Policy

blue sky and a butterfly with the saying Dare to be You

Coming from a place of Personal Power     I’ve said this before and yet this time it feels quite revolutionary.  This time it’s coming from a place of personal power and conviction rather than a ‘poor me’ victim stance.  Women I work with often ask,  “How do I do this? – It’s easier said…

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