Creating a jump for JOY List

photo of sally canning and family

What brings you Joy?   You know, truth is, if we just took a moment or two to appreciate them I’ll bet you we could find many, many tiny things that bring us joy on a day to day, even minute by minute basis and by recognising these jewels we can raise our energy no…

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The Invitation

Have you ever read or heard something that touched you so deeply the memory stayed with you for years and years?   Today I rediscovered these words. I was mesmerised when I was first introduced to this poem during my Reiki Master/Teacher Initiation in January 2000. It’s such a joy to find the sentiments equally…

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6 Steps to assist your journey of Transformation

You learn

  “Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly”   Our greatest transformations take place on the inside – like diamonds and pearls our metamorphosis occurs slowly and out of sight.And like it or not we are the only ones who change ourselves, no one else, and mostly…

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Change Happens

peacock-butterfly in green leaves

    There’s a lot of talk around me at the moment about change and the difficulties we go through as we make the transition – our thoughts, our feelings, our fears that emerge as we move from what we are accustomed to towards what it is we want. [bctt tweet=” I’d just like to…

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Criticism – how does it affect your Dreams?

In order to avoid criticism say nothing, be nothing, do nothing   When you begin to say ‘yes’ to your hopes and dreams, when you start to take a little time for yourself that others are unaccustomed to, when you begin to daydream and muse silently to yourself you can soon become aware of criticism…

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