So What’s Your Story?

   “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved”  ~ Helen Keller   What’s in a Story?   Our lives truly are a series of connected stories, one building upon another.  Problem is until we become aware of…

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Do you believe you deserve it?

dare to live out loud photo women on beach

Ask and it is Given, that’s what I recommend to clients – not just the book, brilliant as it is but also the whole philosophy around ‘We create what we think about’.   It’s simple enough once we have our mindset sorted – Put your wish on a vision board or Make a clear Intention…

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How to make the right decision for you

  7 Steps to Making Your Best Decision   Oh my, what a week it’s been, the past 7 days have stretched out so it feels like a month. Why?   Car issues … a pet hate because it’s one of the few areas of my life where I feel almost completely vulnerable.  What to…

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5 Tips for Setting Intentions

journal page sally canning

TEST When setting intentions, keep these five simple tips in mind:   1. Get clear – what is it you really want?    Is it about how you’d like to BE, or is it about accomplishing something? Do you want to be healthy, wealthy, supported and loved? It’s important to recognise how you want to…

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Intentions v’s Goals

Spread-Your-Wings-And-Fly art work by sally canning

  Are you a lady who makes resolutions?  And more to the point do you stick to them? A favourite quote of mine is … “On the way to your dreams you may find a better one” I say this to my Mentoring Clients because it gives them and me permission to be flexible and…

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