It’s a question of self worth

  What is it you can’t touch yet it affects how you feel? What is it you can’t see but it may be there when you look in the mirror? What is silent but it’s there when you talk about yourself or when you think about yourself? Did you guess?   It’s all about Self…

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Remember Who YOU Are!

peacock feather poster with quote remember who you are sally canning

    Don’t know about you but I was always a sucker for the Disney films of old. I’m assured they’re still just as good but I have to admit I haven’t seen anything more recent than the Ice Age series. What’s the secret of the old favourites appeal I wonder? Is it really just…

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Dip, dip, dip – Your choices create your reality

Don't rock the boat poster created for Dare to live out loud e course

                Take responsibility for your choices in the past and choose a better   You chose to give away your love. You chose to have a broken heart. You chose to give up. You chose to hang on. You chose to react. You chose to feel insecure. You…

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4 ways to bypass the road blocks to success

    What is it that enables us to reach out for success, or indeed keep us stuck in patterns of self sabotage even though it feels like a heart’s desire?   You know for sure you have skill in abundance. Your passion is on fire.   You’ve sidelined your fears. Well, sort of. You’re…

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Expectations are the breeding ground for miracles

art work reach for the stars

  “Opportunity doesn’t make appointments, you have to be ready when it arrives”     ~ Tim Fargo   Do you see yourself as someone who has ‘good luck’ in your life or someone who’s always on the ‘losing end’?   I had coffee recently with a friend who seems to think my life is sprinkled with…

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