Loving who you are x

  As a rule I gently open my eyes to subtle morning thoughts that tip toe into and gently dance around my mind inviting me to engage and expand.   Today was very different … I was nudged into the light of day by a realisation barging through the veil of consciousness with symbols crashing…

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Sarah: On Loving Yourself

Loving yourself or myself   I feel blessed to say I have learned to love myself, all of me, for my qualities for my inner light for my quirky side – something I never really thought about before. I used to devalue myself, berate myself with wicked thoughts and punishing beliefs. I had a very…

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How much Fun are you having?

Dare to Live out Loud poster

  Fun is FUNdamental –   I’m coming to realise more and more it’s an essential part of life, kind of like food and water   I wonder if you know that it isn’t possible to hang onto a gloomy thought and a joyful thought at the same time?   Wow! think about that little…

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