Have you had one of those quantum moments?

round blue textile art work - Dr Seuss quote

  Oh how quickly we forget!! And how fortunate it is we can train ourselves to remember the better feeling thoughts.   After a month’s break I’ve been once again reacquainted with the ‘joys’ of chemotherapy and am learning to reconnect with a state of surrender and acceptance of what is. It’s still doesn’t come…

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Another Perspective

  If you’re finding life stressful try switching your lens on the world. Here’s a Buddhist tale to inspire you to take another perspective.   A wealthy man took his son into the country to live  on the farm with a very poor family for a few days. His intention was to teach his son…

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Decisions …. Very Big Decisions

  I have been a practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences for many years and still forget what I know for myself, often until the very last moment when intuition knocks so loudly it can’t be ignored for another moment … thank goodness!   My dilemma … surgery or no surgery … do what I…

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