I’m sorry … Why so sorry?

man and women sat side by side

Have you noticed yourself saying sorry at every turn? Seriously – have you listened to yourself lately?                                                                                                         How many times do you apologise in a day?   Really … Is there any need?   I challenge you to notice how many times you say “sorry” in a day … and what you say sorry for…

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A taste of Inspiration – How sweet it is

two strawberrys red and ready to eat

Zen Inspiration A man traveling across a field encountered a tiger.  He fled.  The tiger after him.  Coming to a precipice he caught hold of the root of a wild vine and swung himself over the edge.   The tiger sniffed at him from above.  Trembling, the man looked down to where, far below, another…

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There’s a hole in my sidewalk

a cobbled road with manhole-covers

  An Autobiography in Five Chapters by Portia Nelson   Chapter 1: I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. I am lost. I am helpless. It isn’t my fault. It takes forever to find a way out.   Chapter 2: I walk down the street. There…

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Voicing your fear diminishes its power

abstract blue art work

I received these words from someone the other day:     “How annoying to get to the end and feel like you never dared to be your true self – that you never lived loud and hearty, that you played safe – only to end up dead anyway!”     It ties in perfectly with…

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