3 Simple Steps to Make it Happen

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If you’re procrastinating and putting things off until the time’s right here are 3 Steps to get you where you want to be


1.  Write it down


An area of your life where you’d like to make a change.



2.  Make it a priority


is this really what you want or are you just talking and procrastinating on getting it done?


Remember, what you think about you bring about.
When you really, really want something, see it feel it hear it, you can make it happen.


Having a definite intention is so different from just wishing for something.

Write it down.  Schedule it.

Make sure your time is spent in a productive way that takes you step by step towards your dream.

The universe moves to make things happen but it’s up to you to take action first
Your actions have to be in alignment with what you want.



3.  Show up


Woody Allen said  “99% of success is in showing up”
Your attitude is everything.  Thing is, once to you commit to your dreams all sorts of synchronicities start to happen, things fall into place, doors open, opportunities appear out of the blue.  Many people never get to experience this because they are too afraid to commit.


“You can be anything you want to be, if only you believe with sufficient conviction and act in accordance with your faith; for whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill.


What are you dreaming of doing? Leave a comment in the box below and set your intention to make things happen.

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