5 Tips for Setting Intentions


When setting intentions, keep these five simple tips in mind:


Journal-page-300x30011. Get clear – what is it you really want? 


Is it about how you’d like to BE, or is it about accomplishing something? Do you want to be healthy, wealthy, supported and loved?

It’s important to recognise how you want to FEEL. Do you want this health, wealth, support or love to come to you easily and effortlessly?





2. Watch your words. 


Think clearly and carefully about your choice of words. Focus your intention on the what it is you actually want rather than on what you don’t want.
“I want to be full of energy and in the best of health ”  rather than “I don’t want to feel unwell all the time”



3. Write it down or better still create a Vision Board. 


Once you know what you want to be or feel, write it down. Speak it out loud. How does that feel?
If you have one ounce of resistance ask again and continue to ask until you are clear.  Once you are clear write it on a card that you can carry with you and look at regularly.  Stick your intention cards any place you can see them regularly – the bathroom mirror, over the kettle, car dashboard etc. Say your intention out loud at least once daily.  Create a vision board that evokes your feelings as you stick down your words and pictures. Put it in a place where you can see it regularly and take more than the occasional glace – stand and ponder what it would feel like to be, do or have whatever it is you wish for.



4. Take action. 


If it’s a new car you’d like take a test drive in the model you’re dreaming of.  A new relationship? Consider where you might meet eligible people and book yourself on a new course or weekend activity.  A new home? Take a drive around the area you’d like to live.  Find a house on line and imagine how it feels to live in that space. Really feel what it would be like to be there, do it. own that.



5. Hand it over.


The thing about an intentions it that it’s a bit like blind faith. You decided what it is you really want, you write it down and then you let it go, kind of like handing it over to the universe to do its job.  The how has nothing to do with you.  Yes, you take inspired action – you put yourself in the place of feeling what it’s like to be, do, have whatever it is you want and you wait.  What happens most often is that you are presented with an opportunity to act upon so it’s up to you to be aware.  Sometimes things happen almost immediately other times it can take a while – It took me 10 years to get the chance to volunteer in Bosnia but when the perfect opportunity arose it was like something conspired to make everything fall into place effortlessly and then it was up to me to have the courage to say yes!


Have you set intentions or created a Vision Board.  I’d love it if you would share your creative ideas here x


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