5 Ways to Celebrate your ‘Wins’


Award Sally CanningYou know I’m big on celebrating any success, large or small …. especially the tiny ones? I’m big on accountability too. In fact I believe the two go hand in hand.
Until we are aware of, accept and own our little achievements and ‘wins’ it can be an uphill struggle to even imagine the whole world of possibilities. Developing a habit of regularly recording and sharing your successes with an accountability buddy is my recommended way of keeping them fresh in your mind.


Straight off the bat I ask my Mentoring clients to fill out a Great Big List of things they have accomplished and are proud of to make them realise just what they are capable of and what they have achieved since being knee high to a grasshopper. It’s a valuable tool for reflection and appreciation … I’m not saying it’s always comfortable but hey my job is to help shoe horn peeps out of their comfort zones.


Looking at your Successes


  • What is your biggest achievement?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • What are the smaller, less obvious things you have achieved in your life?
  • What are some of the tiny steps you have dared to take towards your dream?
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  • How do you handle them?
  • What did you learn from those setbacks/obstacles?
  • What will you do to celebrate the steps you achieve along the way?
  • How will you celebrate once you reach your destination?



5 Ways to Celebrate Success in your Daily Life


1. Accept and enjoy the compliments


A compliment is a gift accept it graciously – would you refuse a physical gift if someone handed it to you even if you felt uncomfortable?


2. Thank those who supported you


Generally it’s hard to do everything alone and besides who wants to? Sharing with others makes whatever we’re doing more encompassing somehow and in the most part people are happy for us to succeed. Share the love, make people feel appreciated and celebrated too.


3. Take time to really appreciate how it feels for you.


Savour the magic of the moment through all of your senses – own it – commit it to memory by flowing the energy of the event through you from head to toe – breath it in, let it nourish every fiber of your being, breath out and repeat.


4. Create a Success Journal


Tuck things in your diary, make a scrap book of tiny mementos to give you tactile reminders of lovely happenings. It can make it easier to reconnect with the energy that way.


5. Assist others in achieving their dreams


You know how it feels. Watch the beautiful energy expand and grow as you help someone else celebrate their success.


It’s contagious – Let’s start and epidemic





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