5 Ways to raise a smile and bring a little joy into someone life.

Try one of these on for size …


Live, Joy, Hope, Courage

1. Sounds really simple and yet I’m not sure how easy you’ll find it to do.


Smile at every person you make eye contact with today – not just your friend, family, neighbours – smile at the man in the street, the woman behind you in a queue, nod to with the couple in the car next to you at the traffic lights. I wonder how many times you’re going to feel a warm smiley glow :0)


2. Pay it Forward


Pay the fee for the vehicle following you across a toll bridge. You may get a strange look from the guy in the booth but the person driving the car will most likely be surprised and delighted. What goes around comes around so you never know when you will be on the receiving end. Feel the inner smile it gives you too.


3. Hand write a note of gratitude to someone you love or respect.


These days we take the easy route and shoot off and email because it’s quick and easy so today show someone how special they are by putting love and thought into a hand delivered, even hand made, greeting. Hmmm smile :0)


4. Compliment a stranger


Go out of your way to notice something nice about someone – clothes, hair style, smile – and give them a genuine compliment. Tell them how lovely, smart, funky you think they look. Watch the smile of appreciation spread across the face of the recipient.


5. Do you have the courage?


Make a lady’s day. Buy an inexpensive bunch of flowers and give it to the first mature lady you meet outside the store.


Whether you choose one of these or come up with an idea of your own you’re sure to bring sunshine smile into someone’s life and as you spread the glow of gratitude feel it enveloping you too :0)


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