Time to look at the picture we paint with our words

sally canning transformational mentor and winner of the women inspiring women awardSorry but not sorry I've just got to get on my soapbox here.


I saw these words and they rankled more than a nerve or two


"If diagnosed early enough 90 percent of women with ovarian cancer will survive for five years or more"


This is simply an observation and is in no way a criticism of the charity I support that does sterling work helping and informing the 7200 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. They have a tough tough job because symptoms are subtle and there's no reliable test for early diagnosis as with other cancers.



The words from the quote may well be true so far as statics are concerned - 4000 women die every year - but what do they do to the psyche of the large majority who are diagnosed with advanced stages?

What kind of expectation does this kind of language instill?


Survive!!!! I ask you ...


It brings to mind the news reports telling how the wonderful Victoria Wood died after a short six month battle with cancer and was survived by two children.



Words have enormous power 

Our words and thoughts create our reality


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In my experience of 9 months of visits and treatments I never once heard a positive word spoken or suggestion of an alternative outcome.


Perhaps someone could consider recommending a copy of 'Radical Remission' by Kelly A Turner to every newly diagnosed patient - I wonder what would happen to the statistics if more women were better informed about their choices and lifestyle changes.


Okay so I'll stop now, rant over.
I personally have every intention of Thriving and continuing to have a life well lived whatever.



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