7 Ways to Connect to your Creative Spirit




1. Be Curious and open to new adventures.  Let go of preconceived ideas and be willing to play like a child.


2.  Wake up the right side of your brain.  Do the Cross Crawl to awaken your energy system and reboot your creativity.


3.  Approach whatever it is you want to do from a different angle.  Think of your project from the perspective of a child, an elderly person, as if you were viewing it from above or below.


4.   Reconnect with your inner child.  Colour outside the lines, use your fingers, let go of the rules of colour – anything goes.


5.  Play Baroque music – Since time immemorial people have known that music exerts profound impact on body, mind and soul. Vivaldi’s pieces are thought to stimulate imagination and creativity


6.  Combine ideas in unique and unusual ways.  Gather all kinds of unrelated objects to layer and explore.  You don’t even have to be able to draw – cut out shapes, pictures, words and glue them down, next to, and over one another until you achieve a pleasing effect.
“Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist”  Thomas Disch


7.  Simply Begin.  Imperfect action is your best way forward.  Nothing ventured nothing gained and if you really don’t like something you did cover it up with a layer of something else.



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