8 ways to stop feeling stuck




How often do you say the words "I feel stuck" something needs to change?


Do you get frustrated with the run of the mill, can't be bothered/don't know how to move forward or even how to bring a bit of life into your life?


It happens to most of us sometimes and when it does oh my, feeling stuck is a right old drudge, being in the doldrums whilst the rest of the world looks like it's in flow. The first thing I usually recommend is gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.


[bctt tweet="There's nothing like a gentle gratitude practice to open your awareness"]

to the little wonders happening in your life especially if you believe they're thin on the ground.


There are other little nuggets you can do to get you out of feeling stuck too.


It's time to move ... Here we gooooo!



Make 'Yes' your natural response


Listen to what you say to yourself and others. How many times do you put a blocker on any 'adventure' big or small. If you have children or pets listen out for how many times you automatically say 'No'. For many of us it has become second nature, done without thinking.


Consider saying 'Yes' more often - the effect may be magical. It opens up endless possibilities - who knows where you may end up.



Engage your senses


Stop ... look, listen, touch, taste, smell things in your environment. Engage your senses to fully appreciate the wonder of everything around you.



Expect the unexpected


Changing your routine even just a little can be fun. Get out of bed on the other side to see how it feels. Take a different route to work. Smile at different people. Be open to possibilities. Who knows what might happen.



Surround yourself with joyous peeps


Nay sayers and moaners suck your energy they keep you stuck. Surrounding yourself with people who lift you higher may seem like an up hill struggle if you're always in the same company so set yourself a challenge to be the stimulator of bright conversation, fun antics and laughter. It may take practice but you'll soon be regarded as the proverbial ray of sunshine who lifts the energy and encourages others to do the same.


A conversation starter I love for peeps who are feeling stuck and have forgotten how to see the bright side is "What's new and what's good?" It somehow confuses the brain and whoever you're talking to has no option but go searching inside for something positive to say.



Let go of what others think


By this I mean be true to yourself. You want to laugh out loud - do it - maybe you'll start and epidemic. Do what you love to do, do what fills you up so long as it isn't harmful to anyone else. Other people's opinions actually has nothing to do with you.



Live in the now


Stop, be present, notice. It's all you have. You can plan for the future but if you're always looking ahead you'll miss the joy of what's happening right now. This moment will never come again.



Be like Alice ... get curious


Are you intent on living a life or do you want to live your best life?  Get curious, take a look at what else is on offer 'out there'. Research online, read the books, ask questions. Push your boundaries, widen your horizons and spread your wings - As Susan Jeffers says "Feel the fear and do it anyway." Baby steps are good. It's time to seek out a little adventure



So tell me ...


What will it take for you to peel off the superglue and get yourself out of feeling stuck?






  1. lone ranger on August 7, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Thank you Sally for your positive e mail BUT for some of us it’s not that easy as it is written here depending on circumstances you may be in at the time,(ie)bad back lack of money and being a lone spiritual warrior which I prefer to be,guess your thinking I sound like a victim well maybe that victim energy just might lead you on to better things their are so many people out there telling you how to do It I think with time things will fall into place if fact I KNOW IT WILL.
    bless you Eileen.`

    • Sally on August 7, 2016 at 3:21 pm

      Hello Eileen, I totally get where you’re coming from. When things are tough it can be quite irksome to read someone like me extolling the virtues of life. However, I’m the first to admit life isn’t always like this. It’s just that for my own wellbeing I prefer to put a positive spin on whatever is happening. I really don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I do recognise I am fortunate to be a glass half full person who always looks at the world through rose coloured specs no mater what :0) if you take a look at my post through 2015 you’ll see what I mean. Thing is I love sharing the the world through my eyes and hope it offers a lift to others now and then when they’re feeling low. I wish you wellness and joy x

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