A Blog a Day No.1

WhitbyI’m inspired today as I read how a friend had set herself a challenge to blog every day for a month with the hope of it creating a habit that will spill over into 365 days. So, uninvited … I’m jumping on the bandwagon with the intention that following her lead will get me back into some kind of creative flow.



When I reached a point of overwhelm a couple of weeks ago I took myself off to the coast for a bit of radical self care and haven’t been able to get myself fully moving since. My mind and body seamed to love the lull and much to my dismay had no intention of stepping back into the fast lane. What!! … I don’t have time for extended rest … I have a new Second Bloom website to launch, women to interview and articles to write. So I ask myself, what is the thing (besides sewing) that best puts me in a place of connection to my source? Writing of course … but for weeks I’ve had what I guess you’d refer to as ‘writer’s block’. I’ve been coming up with tons of subjects to pen for women of a certain age and then have squarely hit a brick wall. So today I’m giving myself permission to simply write – about anything and everything that comes to mind.


So today taking her lead I’ll celebrate my enduring friendship with the lovely Tina Bettison



I’m not sure when we met, I’m guessing it was something like 2004. I do however remember where it was … I’d been invited along to a networking event at Nottingham Castle – it may actually have been the first event of it’s kind for me. It was one of life’s fortuitous moments, I went along because at the time it felt very grown up to go to a ‘proper’ business meeting, and more relevant than that, it happened to coincide with the preview of an exhibition of PreRaphelite paintings – I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to be in the presence of a Rossetti or two.



I was really nervous and I didn’t talk to many people but when I saw a business on the list with the fascinating name of ‘Dance with you Inner Diva’ there was no way I was leaving until I had met its owner. This was followed by a business event in Derby which I remember because Anita Roddick was the main speaker. I quickly discovered Tina is a real ‘connector of dots and people’ and from there on in we’ve shared a myriad of experiences and I’ve been a fascinated observer as she expanded her creative talents. I’m especially thrilled to think her artistic joys were unleashed during a Dare to be You! Workshop because she hasn’t stopped painting since and has recently hosted a couple of one man shows featuring paintings of constellations in her Cosmos exhibition.



Tina’s generosity of spirit has spilled out abundantly throughout the years. She was there the day I sold my house – the interview she had come to do for a radio show had to be abandoned because I couldn’t contain my giddiness at having a cash buyer walk in and make the decision there and then. I was privileged to be invited to be at her lovely lovely marriage to Paul a couple of years ago. She has introduced many of her friends to my work, she just happened to mention my having won an award to a local TV station which resulted in a film crew setting up in my sitting room, and I have featured in a couple of her  ‘Girls Around Town’ radio shows.  Yep, Tina is like a gift that keeps giving and I’m blessed to call her my friend – and thank you once again for the inspiration lovely.



Okay … so that’s my starter for today. Please keep me accountable – I sometimes need a little nudge to keep on track.

And please. if you have comments to contribute do join in the conversation. I love knowing you are there.

See you tomorrow






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