A matter of perspective?


It is with deep sadness I received the news today of the loss of one of my absolute heroes – the wonderful, incredibly talented, larger than life, bringer of joyful giggling mirth – the unforgettable Victoria Wood


All the reports that tell of her short but brave battle with cancer. It may actually be a quote but oh my …

[bctt tweet=”This is a personal observation of course but six months encompassing the terror of awaiting the …” username=”SallyCanning”] diagnosis, the landing of those appalling words on your psyche, the trepidation of your children being left motherless, any and all accompanying symptoms of aggressive cancer and the ensuing side effects of treatment … Short? Believe me if you’ve lived through it as a patient or a carer six months can feel like a lifetime.


However, as I calm myself a little I fully concur that those six months in some respects can actually unfold into the most nourishing and love filled days of our lives


Just saying

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