Walking my talk, taking leaps of faith and finding my why

dsc_1959-3You know how some people's lives read like a story book where they lurch from one drama to the next and some of it sounds so far fetched you're sure they must be making it up? Well, from the word go that's kind of what happened for me, and yet there were always magical sprinkles of stardust. From broken hearts and homes, a catalogue of losses, bereavements and challenges even to the present day, fostered a deeper sensitivity, heightened intuition, courageous choices, humongous leaps, synchronistities galore ...... each a stepping stone on a path that led me to discover my big Why ... my Purpose and Passion.


I know how it feels to be hidden behind a cloak of invisibility because of fearful thinking and other people's low expectations. Self confidence was a complete stranger to me and self esteem ... well that was under the carpet. And yet ... my creative spirit nourished me from the inside out, coloured my days with rainbows, opened my heart to notice and reach for ever expanding possibilities and opportunities.



The greatest joys of my life are my kids - Me n Lau xtwo wonderful human beings - a husband I adored, deep, funny, glorious, loving friendships, discovering Reiki and the transformational benefits of Energy work, back packing in India, volunteering in Bosnia and Gladys - the Duchess - my greyhound girl. I've taken leaps of faith knowing somehow that the net would appear, I gave up the day job, restored a 400 year old cottage with only a vision and a dream in my heart, have written for women's magazines, worked with women internationally, won a national award for Women Inspiring Women and most recently had words with and refused to bow to the dire consequences of the Big C.

Not too bad for a girl who was brought up to believe she would never amount to anything!



The DuchessI'm a woman with an unwavering trust in the goodness of life and the universe. I've been a single mum, married, divorced, remarried and widowed. I taught creative textiles in colleges, in community, in centers for adults with learning disabilities until personal development became my passion 20 odd years ago. Working with women helping to create transformation in their lives is absolutely the most rewarding path ever. It morphs and shift shapes continuously.

From this wealth of life experience my roles of complementary health practitioner, teacher, trainer and speaker have evolved into this place of transformational mentor.


These online courses bring together over 15 years of my teachings. They offer the perfect solution for when you're ready to embrace the transformational effects of the Mentoring process but are not yet ready for the larger commitment of a one to one experience.


'Dare to be You' and 'Dare to Dream' Workshops form part of the mix too




“The strength of a woman is not measured by the impact that all her hardships in life have had on her; but the strength of a woman is measured by the extent of her refusal to allow those hardships to dictate her and who she becomes”  ~ Joy Bell



Kind Words



“Working with Sally has made me aware of the Power of the Feminine – the hills women have to climb to be themselves – because a woman being herself is naturally captivating – she will share and speak aspects of yourself you hadn’t seen. 

Who you are becomes more visible than when you are working on your own.”


~ Hazel Croucher, Worksop, Nottinghamshire