Abundance Rules

Develop an attitude of gratitude




You know, when you think about it we already possess all we need to be successful.  We have god given skills, personal capabilities, personal preferences. imagination. talent, insights, our own unique understanding – actually we each exude pure potential – only thing is a lot of the time it’s hidden from view – even from ourselves.



You’ll have heard all the phrases and you may be a bit skeptical if life isn’t panning out just the way you would like – you know the ones – “Success is an Inside Job.  You have to develop an Abundance mindset – an Attitude of Gratitude, Count your Blessings” and so on, and you might think it’s all a bit airy fairy, but I’m asking you to open your mind and consider for a little while that there could just be some grains of truth in here somewhere.



“Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune into”  Wayne Dyer



Do you recognize abundance in your life?  Think about it.  It actually begins in the heart. Consider how you feel when you laugh, even if you don’t do it very often.  How does it feel to be able to see a situation or a story from two sides?  What about when you’ve been through a really difficult time and come out the other side?  What about the sheer joy of a beautiful sunset when you care to notice? You make have to check in with yourself to see what’s all around you, it’s so easy to take things for granted.



Society is so imbued with negative input.  The media is a huge influence as it focuses on lack, not being good enough – doom and gloom, scarcity and imperfection – never having enough – it impedes abundant flow because it spews out the stories and ‘facts’ for us to digest on a daily basis.  What if you could bypass a great deal of that and concentrate on the good in your life, even for a little while,

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Truly, abundance begins from within.  Ask yourself: “How can I in-spire myself today?  Be courageous.  How much better does that make you feel?  When you are in that place you touch others too – without knowing why, it is reflected in your actions, your words and is even in your facial expressions.  Others feel your uplifted energy.  Abundance really is like the flame of a candle – when one ignites another, nothing is lost and yet in the process can create so much more light in the world.




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