Are you feeling the feelings about it?

Feel the feelings


How are you saying hello to 2016


As a sense of normality is resumed after a holiday break, especially one that welcomes in a new year do you really consider how are you feeling about a new beginning? Do you get high on anticipation? Are you excited about what's possible?  What does the energy of that expectation feel like for you?

Feel like?

YES ... F-e-e-l like


Let's get real


So imagine this is a new year ... Let's really get down to brass tacks. Let's get right to the point. If your desire is to move forward, succeed in your dreams, achieve what you really want, you have to feel what you're feeling. That means truly acknowledging your feelings and what's really going on for you - good, bad, indifferent.


Make space for the energy of those emotions you'd rather shove out of the way.

Coerce them out of their murky recesses, bring them out into the light, give them their due diligence. Feel the feelings, observe them and then give yourself permission to let them go.

[bctt tweet="It's the energy of the feelings that keeps you stuck so shift the energy and watch little miracles unfold."]


At the risk of repeating myself I'm gonna mention once again that Energy follows thought ...



What we focus on expands, good and bad


Energy is the fuel for everything in life so it's necessary to relearn how to use that knowledge to our best advantage. Acknowledging how we truly feel about things, people interactions, situations can make a massive difference to the outcomes of our intentions.



Watch the little ones


Bring to mind the behaviour of babies and little children ...

Something happens ... little people experience it there and then, in the moment. If it hurts they scream with pain or fright - if it's joyful they are likely to squeal with delight - and then it's done. Little ones live in the here and now. Have you ever noticed how quickly they recover? They might throw a tantrum or two but they don't repress stuff. They just experience it and let it be.



So what happens as we grow


As we mature we're reminded not to behave in 'inappropriate' ways. We learn it's probably best to hide our truth for fear of getting into trouble or upsetting others. It would hardly be considered proper for an adult to throw a strop, actually it probably feels mighty threatening if were to be done in public. So what do most of us do? We pretend everything is okay, we bury dreads, fears, dark thoughts and debilitating emotions. Those hidden feelings go a long way in shaping the way we see our future, dream our dreams and interact in the world.

[bctt tweet="Our fears and limiting beliefs can severely restrict what we're able to achieve."]


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In the meantime:

What are you looking forward to?


What are you already grateful for?


What are you ready to let go of?


What resolutions are you making?


What are you excited about?


What lights you up when you think about it?


What are you relieved you figured out or allowed to happen?


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