Are you still on track?

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“It’s not enough if you just live life as it comes to you like a floating leaf on a pond.  Make use of the powers bestowed in you and soar like an eagle”

~ Stephen Richards


It’s that time of year again, you know, where, if you’re brave enough you take a good long look back over the past 12 months and consider what transpired for you.


It probably began with a goal or two or three but I’m wondering how many of them were truly meant for you to create your own best life or if you have actually been living by default?  Is your life how you dreamed it would be or are you ambling along reacting to whatever or whoever happens to cross your path?


Do you know it is absolutely possible to create your own life experience.  Yes, it takes work and more than a pinch of courage to make intentional choices and decisions – to create your life on purpose – but it is doable and SO desirable.  Much of the time it’s about perception, how you see the world, where you put your thoughts – are you a glass half full or empty person?  You will now the answer instinctively.


Let me ask you …


Are you treading water feeling like you’re in the same space, different day?


If you’re honest with yourself what/who keeps you stuck?


Did you begin to progress then things not go to plan so it was easier to let go and continue with what you know?


Did you find lots of reasons not to?


Did you blame circumstances?


I know it’s often written that the path to success is littered with failure and you are supposed to keep on going towards your goal because it’s all feedback.


I can see the merit in that however, I have a saying … “On the way to your dreams you might find a better one”


I also have the feeling that if I have to push and push to make something happen it isn’t meant to be. Call that a defeatist attitude if you will but for me personally it always holds true, there’s something really devaluing and exhausting about the energy of struggle.


When something is ‘right’ and I’m in the flow the universe opens doors and windows I never knew existed … opportunities appear as if by magic.  Do you know in your heart when something feels ‘right’ for you?


If you have a clear idea/vision of your dream I’m encouraging you here and now to create a page in your journal, a board, something visual to contain that dream.  Put your energy into it.


If your ideas are hazy how’s about creating a mind map – examine every aspect of what you might like to do.Say you were looking for your passion and have no idea what that might be you might begin with something you really, really like …


Why do you like it?


What do you like about it?


Who else is involved in it?


If I could wave a magic wand what would it look like?


If you could have it would you take it?


Get my gist?


Of course there’s no rule book, we are all uniquely individual.  It can be scary, the uncertainty can make you want to bolt back to your comfort zone – fine, but just remember no one ever grows from that place!  It takes courage to change old habits.  I’m not encouraging you to turn your whole life topsy turvy here.  It’s about paying attention, watching your thoughts and your language, taking small measured steps.  It’s your choices that ultimately create the quality of your life experience.


Have a go.  Let’s get you into a place where you can put your energy into creating and empowered life.


“If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble in life you wouldn’t sit for a month” ~ Theodore Roosevelt



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