Sugar is eight times as addictive as cocaine!!!!

And I totally believe it.


Ask anyone who knows me really well what I'd really appreciate as a small gift and chances are they'll tell you 'Sally loves chocolate and sweet things". I've just always been that way. This year I eliminated meat and gluten from my life without a second thought. Dairy came next - I hardly miss that at all - But sugar ..... arghhhh.


Where self discipline is concerned sugar is absolutely my nemesis. Although I only eat a fraction of the tons of chocolate and sweet stuff I used to fill my body with on a daily basis I still haven't been able to let go completely. Oh, and btw wouldn't you think by doing all of that, having chemotherapy and the little matter of radical surgery,  I'd become a shadow of my former self?


Nope not one bit of it. It's insane!


Come on," I hear you saying "Have you tapped on it?  Oh yes of course.

Perhaps not as often as I could but hey, I'm only human, and if I did EFT on every thing I could I'd be shifting energy all day long with little time for anything else. So I do it occasionally - usually when I've read another damning article, or when my conscience pricks as I reach for a gluten free goodie to accompany my soya cappuccino. I am fully aware of the dangers of inflammation. I've read every horrid fact about how sugar feeds cancer cells and still I struggle with letting it go. I tell myself it's okay ... I refuse to be ruled by fearful thoughts ... I say it's good to treat yourself to something you love ... That a little sweetness is not going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things ... the universe's plans for me aren't dependent upon whether or not I eat that snickers bar lurking in the drawer ... I know, I know, what the **** is it doing in there anyways? When I'm in that zone I make a myriad of excuses and yet I refuse to feel guilt. There's no way on this earth I'm going to put myself down. I flatly refuse to see myself as weak. I figure that kind of self deprecation is gonna cause a whole lot more problems than a little bit of what I fancy.


The 'expert advice' says go to cold turkey, and maybe it is the only truly effective way. Personally I'm not convinced.  When I know something is off limits food wise I spiral very quickly into thoughts and feelings of deprivation and pangs of longing. So ... just for today and from this day forward I'm making a gentle promise to myself to take more baby steps in letting go, to congratulate myself when I walk on by the tempting array of shiny wrappers and to consciously seek out yummy healthy alternatives. Here's a really good read if you too would like a bit of inspiration.


Can you relate to my dilemma? Do you have a story around letting go of sugar cravings ... or anything else for that matter? Please share your thoughts/ views/ comments in the space below. You never know who you might reach/ touch/ inspire xx


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