Be kind to yourself



Do you have times like this ...? Days when you feel flat as a pancake verging on lower than low. When things go wrong all the time ... especially technology or whatever your particular nemesis happens to be? Days when someone's cat gets knocked over outside your house, it's motionless little body lying as if guarding your entrance? What would you do in a normal situation like this never mind when you can't think straight? Days when people don't turn up when they say they will and naysayers are determined to bend your ear ... need I go on?


And how come you can wake up the next morning with the sun shining and all is well with the world? You know those times when every light is a green light, people greet you with a smile radiating kindness, your inbox is full of lovely impromptu messages, friends share their excitement, your pooch is extra loving et al?


These have been the highs and lows of my past couple of days, well weeks actually. And I'm learning to go with it. Kindness and self-compassion are my bywords for the wobbly days and on the good ones I give myself permission to really appreciate and embrace the joyful moments. The contrasts are stark. and yet, how lucky am I to be feeling the feelings and being able to distinguish the difference rather than being stuck in my head in a hurry to complete the next task and the next one. Yes this healing journey has its merits - just doesn't always feel that way at the time



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