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Here’s an article I posted on Facebook that caused quite a stir – whilst I honour and respect another’s opinion the point is to tune into and listen to your own truth and do what’s right for you. These words came from my heart in the hope it might help not anger another.


“Just want to share this out loud because it’s gonna touch someone who needs to see/hear it …. Pleassse whenever you’re doing something that deeply touches your heart do it for you and don’t be swayed by some an other ‘authority’ even if you invested a small fortune for their input.


A few months ago I paid an ‘expert’ no small sum to help me craft a 20 minute talk (I know all due respect to those of you who thought I was mad ….. ) It turned out to be one of the most soul sucking experiences of my life. It felt like the essence of me was stripped away for the sake of selling from the stage – apparently I was droning on about how a life transforming dream materialised and ‘people’ don’t want to hear about the real sadness – the catalyst that shaped every part of this bold beautiful life I now experience – that’s not looking after my audience – so I was left with a void and without a tale.


Fast forward to yesterday … coffee with a lady who hires speakers to inspire and motive Women Leaders …


“Sally initially I want you to come in and share your story – women need to hear how other women handle adversity and pull themselves up by their boot straps – or ribbons if you’re a girlie girl – turn their lives around and create change in the world!!!”


What do I often say about perspective?


If someone sees it as their role to offer destructive criticism and your inner knowing is hollering for you to get the hell out of it cos you know your energy is a universe apart – take my advice Honey – walk away. Staying the course, (never mind if you name it determination or just plain stubbornness) like I did, just means you have energy to shift and you may as well use that time and effort to create in your zone of genius what you always knew was perfect for you anyways


Thank goodness I never did ditch the original drafts


Have a great day, trust your instincts and be the bright beautiful self you were born to be”

x SallyC



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