Catching up

I Can Do It in BirminghamI promise a blog everyday and what happens?


… Within 48 hours I’m out of reach of the laptop and being less than techno savvy I can’t work out for the life of me how to do it on my phone. I post on Facebook instead and briefly feel like I’m letting everyone down (who the heck is everyone? You? Me? I’m not sure. If push comes to shove does it matter? Of course not. It’s just that I do like to keep going once I’ve made a commitment and once the flow is broken the impetus to resume likes to play hide and seek as if testing to see if I’ll throw in the towel (yep, it’s tempting but I’m showing up on the page today anyway).


If you’re getting a bit of a lack luster vibe here I do apologise. Isn’t it weird? You’d think two days worth of phenomenally inspirational speakers designed to lift you higher would leave you feeling high as a kite and walking on air, but actually the reverse it true. The sheer intensity of a room full of enthusiastic beings, early mornings, late nights and information overload is taking it’s toll. Although at 4.15 yesterday afternoon I was inspired enough to think I’d be up with the lark to practice 11 minutes of energetic breathing, moving my body to lift my spirit so high I’d fly through the day, a new dawn arrived and I wasn’t thereĀ  … Sorry Sonia Choquette, maybe tomorrow.


For now I’m giving a nod of appreciation to what went before. I’m sticking any deep and meaningful thoughts firmly on the back burner as I recover my equilibrium whilst being hugely thankful for an easy day in the diary. And I’m pondering on the virtues of sharing such an experience with good friends (I’ll talk more on this tomorrow).


So, there you go, we’re all caught up and tomorrow is another day. See you then x





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