Change is the only constant

Change is the only constant



It's already January 10th and I'm sure there will be those of you who will be embracing your resolutions for the new year with gusto and an iron clad will but for those of you who's intentions are a little less clear or if you have already missed a beat or two how's about taking an alternate path to keep you heading in the direction you wish to go.



Just for today do something different


Make a Change

One change at a time is enough.

Go somewhere new or even take an unfamiliar route to a familiar place.


Do something new

Is there a workshop you'd like to experience? It's a great way of meeting somebody new and opening your mind to new ways of being.


Do something on your own you'd usually do with a friend

I learned that going to the cinema alone is no big deal and now I don't have to plan around anyone else.
Star Wars not your thing?
I highly recommend The Dressmaker


Think something new

Is there something or someone you have a firm opinion about?

[bctt tweet="Try a new perspective. Unravel that thought "]

Could it be more about you than them?

Look for kindness and see what you're left with.


Change is non negotiable


If you find it a scary prospect to realise the only thing in life that's absolutely guaranteed is change be kind to yourself, it's a big awareness.

If your resolve is already on the wain take a fresh look at what you want. Let me assure you that baby steps are good ... very very good to get your momentum going again.


I challenge you to something different

[bctt tweet="Change at least one thing today and watch your world change as a result."]

Come back here. Leave a comment and share what you did to help move you forward towards your dream today


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