Dare to Dream – Expect the best

Don’t settle for second best


Dare to Dream




Do you settle for second best ….. because it’s available?  This often happens when we’re scared that if we ‘pass we might lose out.


It takes courage to trust there is something better around the corner for we fear that if we wait it might be gone.  It may also be that we take what’s available because by comparison it makes our hopes and dreams look too grand, too big, and therefore unattainable.  This lack of belief can result in us remaining stuck with the status quo.



I think that’s where I’ve been for a few weeks now, in a place of ‘settling’ – not the quiet, comforting, peaceful place, rather going through the motions because I couldn’t see how they could change for the better any time soon.  I wanted something to lift me out of that place that felt like a damp rainy day.  Sometimes it just feels like the easy option to stay stuck moping around, and maybe it’s okay to be there once in a while, but hey, not for long.  We have to expect something wonderful every day.



You get what you expect

If we don’t expect anything uplifting, out of the ordinary, just plain good, well, we will not be disappointed. If you’re prepared to settle for second best that’s exactly what you’ll get. But when we dare to dream of something better and expect something wonderful it comes – sometimes in small packages – but It happens – we just need to shift our awareness and our expectations.  It only takes a moment for everything to change in our lives.


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What did I do?  I did something different – I changed my plans on the spur of the moment – I noticed the little things, I enjoyed the sunshine and marvelled at the incredible beauty of the flowers in bloom and I expected more … how about you?
And then to celebrate I created an ebook – just for you. I designed it to help you find your place of joy – to connect with the things, thoughts, feelings that feed you and lift you up.  To take you to a place of positive expectation. You’ll find it on the Inspiration page. Sign up for your free Dare to Dream ebook to receive your password then come on in to download yours Joy book and much more x ENJOY!

Please share your thoughts and comments below.  x


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