How to get what you want – Dare to be You!

dare to be youHow would it feel to dare to be you? To feel abundance flowing into your life because you’ve let go of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have kept you stuck? Wouldn’t you feel like dancing?


How would it feel to be the woman who had/has a dream and discovered a way of making it a reality.


This could be you too!!!




Deborah garlick“Brilliant workshop and the best money I’ve ever spent!
Highly recommend to everyone who wants to achieve a breakthrough!”

~ Deborah Garlick, Nottingham


Come and discover what gets in the way of you having what it is you want.

Learn how to change those thoughts and create abundance in your life.


Abundance comes in all shapes and sizes.

It’s as individual as you are.


Do you want to feel more fulfilled, see your business flourish, have better relationships? Are you dreaming of the fabulous cruise, car, house?


Believe me they have all been asked for, considered and received by fabulous women who have taken the leap of faith to come to a Dare to be You! Workshop.


dare to be you“It was far more than just a workshop day, I enjoyed it so much.

It’s so easy to allow ourselves to just accept our limiting beliefs as fact,

and I’m beginning to understand that it is possible to have courage and believe in yourself”

~ Caroline Stafford, Nottinghamshire TheKitschHenCakes/


To find out what’s on offer take a look HERE


Wouldn’t you just love that to be you?
Well now you can experience it for yourself

Sunday June 12th
Dare to be You Abundance Workshop

Discover how to get what you want

GOSH Gallery, Tuxford 9.45 – 4.30

Get in touch today
You’ll be glad you did


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