Who Could You Be? … Dare to be You

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In our Dare to be You! Workshops we explored the limiting beliefs and the excuses we make that somehow prevent us from being and becoming the people we want to be. As an alternative I thought it might be fun instead to imagine we don’t have those constraints and consider who we could be if we had no fears or barriers.


Here’s my version of a fun exercise, the core of which I found somewhere or other, and although I’d love to give the author credit I can’t for the life of me remember who she is or how I came by it but I’m sharing it with love and trust that’s okay.


Get yourself nice ‘n’ comfy


Snuggle into your softest cushions with a cup of your favourite brew after you’ve grabbed yourself a notebook, and answer these questions freely, with total honesty – this is hearts desire territory, and a touch of gay abandon where necessary … dare to be you.


Who are you?


Who else are you?


Who is hiding inside you?


What pieces of you would you love to expand and celebrate?


What could you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone, even if just for a moment or two?


Try this:


1. If you’re not sure where to start, think about what parts of you do you would like to be bigger and brighter and better?


What QUALITY do you have inside that you would you like to bring out and be more… do more of?


2. Now consider what OUTER QUALITY or way of being would like to bring into your life? It might be something you are passionate about, a hobby you’d like to explore or be better at, it might be something completely new, something you admire in others, or it could even be work related. What could you do to try it on for size? Where would you go? Who would you talk to?


3. Who is that woman inside you that wants to come out to play? It’s time to give her a voice, a chance to explore the world. Maybe you’re shy and prefer to stay on the sidelines, but you know that inside you there is an outspoken and sensual woman just waiting to bowl everyone over –

Give yourself permission to let her be seen, even if only by you. Dare to be you. How does she walk? What would she say? What does she like to drink? What’s her favourite perfume? What would her motto be?


Now you have free rein, go for it, have a party with your thoughts let your imagination run free.

Experience how it feels to be the woman you would really like to be if only you could allow yourself. And if it feels really, really good share the joy in the space provided below x



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