Dare To Live Out Loud

Wherever you are right now,

whatever's going on for you,

this is YOUR opportunity to TRANSFORM YOUR way of BEING.

Finally, exactly what you’ve been ‘searching for’

no … You’re not dreaming!

Hellooooo!! It’s true…

I’m gonna take you by the hand and give you heart centred guidance and support to help you move forward out of the frustration and pain of being stuck, always looking back with no real view of the future. From feeling uneasy and unhappy to a place of knowing you’re equipped to live the kind of life that gives you more meaning, fulfilment and (although it sounds simple) happiness and joy. 


Wherever you are right now, whatever’s going on for you, this is your opportunity to transform your way of being, to change how you see yourself and how you perceive the challenges you are experiencing. In the space of a few short weeks I will virtually take you by the hand and guide you step by step through a proven process to transform the way you think and feel about the way you show up in your life and in the world. 

transformational mentor and winner of the women inspiring women award
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It’s about opening your heart and mind to your personal growth and exploring. It’s an opportunity to discover what it is that’s stopping you from living your best life. It’s about becoming the woman you know yourself to be through clear practical guidance, and tools to enable you to make positive changes. You’ll receive dares and notes of encouragement every day directly to your inbox to build a solid foundation for your success.

Dear beautiful Heart Centred YOU,

I’m about to Dare you to make a very personal, and I know in some cases, long awaited journey with me as your guide. I’m inviting you to explore and embrace the tools of my

I DARE YOU system that I’ve used and developed for myself, and my VIP clients to create changes beyond your widest expectations.


These are the exact same exercises and techniques that have empowered women to discover and recover their hopes and dreams, to be seen heard and honoured for who they are, and to spread their wings to create the future they want for themselves.  

I have loved creating this programme and know it offers a real opportunity for those of you who feel the time is right to explore and want to move forward and who ‘Dare to Live Out Loud!’   

Does this sound like what you’ve been waiting for?

* Do you feel like you've been blocked, standing in the shadow of your own inner light for what seems like the whole of your life?

* Do you yearn to know what it feels like to know who you truly are?

* Are you sick of the mask you wear every day of your life to please everyone around you?

* Do you feel like you're invisible - You're standing behind a veil watching others play out their lives, hopes, dreams.

* Do you stop yourself doing what you want to do for fear of how it might upset other people?

* Do you feel fragile as a dandelion clock, like one good nudge or blow will have you scattered all over the place? 

* Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get out of bed in the morning full of the joys of spring, enthusiastic for what the day holds for you because you are feeling 'on purpose' and alive?  Can you imagine a life where you trust your OWN power so deeply that you are no longer worrying and fretting about being 'stuck', and wondering who you truly are?

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‘Yeah right…’ right?

DTLOL 1photo

Are you rolling your eyes and thinking, "enthusiastic, 'on purpose', trusting myself.  Oh sure, in fairy tales maybe!"


Or are you're remembering a time when you thought of trying something similar but you were just too busy and unsure it was the right thing for you?  Maybe it was just one more thing on your list to think about and it was easier to let the opportunity fly away. 

So rather than let yourself even consider the possibility of transforming your life you do what you always do …

You listen to the voice of self-doubt.


I hear you and I totally get where you're coming from. 



I used to say the same things to myself:

"This is how it is, don't know what to do about it, can't see how things could possibly change, and even if they did what would that mean, I'm so used to feeling like this."

Let me ask you a question:


If you could gaze into an enchanted looking glass and see in your reflection hidden truths that reveal who you are deep inside - and get a glimpse of seeing yourself as others see you, would you Dare to grab the chance with both hands? 

Here’s your opportunity to Dare to do just that. 


Up until this moment in time I’ve only shared my transformational Mentoring processes with small groups and VIP clients across the globe. With women ready to take the leap to commit and invest in themselves to create sometimes almost jaw dropping transformations in their lives. I have though, often been asked to create a more accessible way for other women – for those who aren’t quite at that point yet. 

My challenge was how to create a way for women to experience the changes and opportunities they otherwise would find it difficult to access on their own or through the usual much slower methods of self help books and workshops? This ‘Dare to Live Out Loud’ online programme was born out of those requests. 

I don’t mind sharing that initially I was quite nervous about doing it this way. I wasn’t sure if you’d be willing to show up in the same way as when you’re accountable face to face. This is deep work that requires the commitment of you being totally upfront, honest and open to all kinds of possibilities to get the absolute best results for yourself.  

How do I get you over that hurdle? 

Easily… Ta dahhh!!


I provide a  Safe Private Community Space where you share your thoughts, feelings, wins, and grumpy bits with one another.


Why am I offering it now? 


Because the time is right!


How do I know? Because this is what you wanted! 


Diving into this programme wholeheartedly for yourself now  is going to provide you with an amazing springboard into the next year and the rest of your life. 

When you’ve embraced Dare to Live Out Loud, Reconnected with the woman you thought you’d forgotten, gained tons of clarity, experienced your confidence rising and begun to recognise your possibilities and potential you’re gonna bounce into your life with a whole new awareness and attitude. 

You asked, and I’m trusting in you and the universe to give yourself permission to Dare to be YOU and discover the joy that life has in store for you.

If you need permission to do something for you and have fun too…

                                                                       Here it is :0)x  

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       Find out exactly how you can give yourself this gift to lift you higher than you ever thought possible



Kind Words

Paula in Paris“I was stuck in life's challenges, constantly searching and going round in circles, trying to find a way forward. I now have a much deeper understanding of me, what I want and need.    A depth of practised skills has opened my Awareness to new possibilities. I’m more confident, joyful. I never thought I’d be saying that - I wasn't really like that at the beginning - sounds like a cliché but I think I am more ME than ever before and I like it  - it feels right"


~ Paula Fenton. Photographic Artist, Yorkshire





Pam myres

"The best bit is how this programme sneaks up on you. There's a lot of information and ideas over 42 days but actually if you just relax, go with it, allow it to soak in, (some bits soak in futher than others and I guess that's going to vary with each personal response), it's extraordinary how much ground you will cover."


~ Pam Myres, Radio Producer/Director, London