Discover Your Own Buried Treasure


In 1957 a group of Tibetan monks were informed that a new highway would be constructed straight through a shrine containing a huge clay Buddha they were responsible for and it was decided the figure should be moved from it’s sheltered spot to a new location.


As the statue was lifted from its block on the day of the removal cracks began to appear, it was far heavier than expected. It was set down and it was decided that a bigger crane would be necessary.  The Buddha would have to remain in the exposed spot overnight even though there was a storm brewing.


During the night the head monk took a flash light and decided to examine the statue. As he walked around shining his light over the cracks something caught his eye. He returned to his quarters for assistance. The monks chiseled for several hours to remove the clay to reveal a solid gold Buddah.


Historians discovered that several centuries earlier the safety of the cherished statue had been entrusted to a group of monks who, in order to deter the approaching Burmese army from looting the shrine covered the whole thing in 10 inches of clay. The disguise was successful, the clay Buddha was of no interest to the marauding soldiers but it did not prevent the killing of the monks, and so the golden Buddah was lost in history until its rediscovery during the move.



What hides within?


I tell this story because I believe we all begin as a golden Buddha. There is a treasure that resides within each of us but as we have grown and developed it’s beauty and brilliance has been obscured with layer upon layer of protection. We hide behind the facade to feel safe from all that life throws at us.  We do it so well that our gifts, our light, our true self is hidden even from ourselves and we lose touch with who we truly are.

My wish for you is that you begin to discover the beauty and joys secreted within you.



10 Ways to Shine


1.  Smile – A smiling countenance is always beautiful

2.  Acknowledge the beauty and light within someone – a genuine compliment is a true gift

3.  Talk kindly about the world around you rather than gossiping and complaining

4.  Listen closely, hear what someone means not just what they say

5.  Look on the bright side, be the voice of optimism, it will lift the energy of all concerned

6.  Notice the simple, beautiful things in the world around you

7.  Always expect the best in any given situation

8.  Give yourself permission to feel happy – it’s okay – honestly – you deserve it

9.  Tap into your Personal Power – the universe will find your desires irresistible

10.  Accept and Love yourself, just as you are in this moment.  Now is all you have.

Do you have a favourite way to shine? 

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