Do you argue for your limitiations?

limiting beliefs

“One cannot be prepared for something whilst secretly believing it will not happen”

– Nelson Mandela


Last week I talked about Limiting beliefs.

Now lets go a little further.


Ask yourself ….


What are the actions you keep repeating over and over again, even if they are dressed up in different ways.

What is your dream?

What stops you achieving it?

Notice your excuses, reasons and limiting beliefs that pop up.

If you could have it now would you take it? (Honestly and truly?)


I wonder if you have ever considered your comfort zone?

What are you comfortable with?

What would you never consider doing?

How would you know you were stretching your boundaries or had stepped outside your zone of comfort?


What would you like to be/do/have?


Think of something you would like to do/be/have that would creates uncertainty and discomfort for you.


On a scale of 0-10 how strong is the feeling of resistance? Eeeek … how uncomfortable does that make you feel? It’s okay I have something you can use to help yourself gain some clarity and relief and maybe shift some of those limiting beliefs. Go HERE for a powerful process that will enable you to reduce the level of those feelings.

EFT for Fear of Change and Stress and Anxiety.


Truth is that in order to move forward and take steps towards what we hope and dream of we really do have to look at the thoughts and feelings that prevent it happening.


Give these little exercises a go and see what comes up for you. Let us know what pesky little blighters come up … share them below …. let’s see how many common themes occur and how we are not alone.

Today’s a good day to begin.




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