Want to explore some limiting beliefs?




Limiting beliefs, limiting beliefs, reasons, excuses, why not’s, yes but’s and because …. we all have them. They define who we are, how we react and respond in the world, they keep us from playing big, they are many times the blocks that prevent us from seeing and appreciating our innate gifts and beauty.  I want to write my book about them and now I’m thinking … lets get more specific …. How does this problem affect women in particular?


photo111I have no qualms about admitting I frequently work with my own old ‘stuff’ about ‘showing up’ and being ‘seen’ in the world – you wouldn’t believe the hidden gems that emerged around being nominated for the Women Inspiring Award. I was my next humongous step up (according to my unconscious fears and limiting beliefs) therefore it was a matter of sort it or lose the opportunity. I think I know what that caterpillar wriggling and resisting in the s***ty, gooey bile ridden process of metamorphosis feels like as it emerges as the bedraggled, damp creature that once it’s wings have spread and dried will fulfill it’s purpose and potential by spreading the pollen (seeds of inspiration) from plant to plant (open mind to open mind) to create transformation in the world.


But what happens when we’re not aware of what’s going on for us?


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and the “Writings on our Walls’ put there by past words, perceived criticisms, old occurrences and family patterns?

                                            photo111I’m a Fake … now there’s a limiting belief if ever I heard one!


This week I have spoken to three women who without prompting and because it wasn’t appropriate in the moment, without my responding have called themselves ‘Fakes’ and ‘Imposters’ because ‘Who do they think they are to be doing x.. y … z…!  I would love to explore this more.


Can you help please?


Do you ever have those thoughts and doubts?
I am fully aware that Fear is at the root of so many barriers that women face – Fear of not being liked, Fear of being judged, Fear of failure/not living up to expectations


Where does this happen in your life?


If we have enough responses I’ll create a safe space to throw ideas around, explore and offer support.


What do you think?


I would be hugely grateful if you could please Share this post with your groups and networks – I’m really up for creating some energy solutions to help women move through these barriers to be truly SEEN, HEARD, and HONOURED for who they are.


Truth is though that it’s an inside job – we have to begin somewhere


Let’s spread some joy and step into the light of the vibrant, colourful, beautiful beings we truly are if we could only shift the layers and webs that hide that brilliance.

What would you emerge as?  Me I’d defo be a Peacock butterfly …

How about you?


Want to explore your Limiting beliefs and the “Writings on YOUR Walls”?

HERE’s your perfect opportunity


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