Don’t let the B*****s get You Down

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Don’t let the B*****s get you down


bullying-1019271_1280What do you think Lady Gaga and a large percentage of the women I have ever worked with have in common?

  • Lack of confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Buried Anger / Hurt / Resentment
  • Feeling disempowered in areas of their life/business
  • Being unaware of what they have to offer in this world and their innate greatness
  • Experiencing internal struggle
  • Over protective tendencies for others
  • Disconnection from who they really know themselves to be
  • Knowing all too well that empty sinking feeling deep inside …


You could be forgiven for not naturally associating all or any of the above with the extraordinarily talented Diva, but then that is because you may not know that she was severely bullied, taunted and dumped in garbage bins because she was the ‘different’ kid at school. Her coping strategy was to regularly speak out loud “You are a Superstar!” to the reflection looking back at her in the mirror, even when she didn’t believe it. Such is the power of the words we tell ourselves!!


So many of the women I meet and work with have had their self esteem eroded because they were bullied at sometime in their lives, whether that be in the home, playground, workplace it’s a story that is repeated over and over and perpetuates all kinds of behaviours and patterns that most are scarcely aware of or deny because the reality is too painful.


During a DARE TO DREAM Workshop whilst exploring Limiting Beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves Mel and I worked together with EFT. This was our first time of meeting. I briefly heard her sharing her feelings about having been bullied at school during a partner exercise only minutes before and neither of us had any idea of what would happen. The video below is 9 minutes long and already I’ve received impressive responses from ladies who have tapped along.


For best results make it full screen and watch all the way to the end, and please do share your thoughts and comments in the box below.



Don’t let the bullies steal your energy from Sally Canning on Vimeo.

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