Don’t let the bullies steel your energy!

Don’t let the bullies steal your energy from Sally Canning on Vimeo.


I spent the day with nine amazing ladies, some of whom had traveled for hours in the wet and windy weather to be there for my first DARE TO DREAM Workshop of the year


Above is a video of how Mel and I worked to rid her of fears and anger that have blighted her life since she dealt with bullies at 11 years old. Watch it all the way through to the end, it’s really powerful, and for best results make it full screen and tap along too.


It is such a joy to work with women who are ready to explore what it is that keeps them stuck, breaking through barriers to enable them to literally spread their wings and fly. For some it’s quite dramatic, for others it’s more subtle but however it happens the benefits are sure to be carried beyond the day. They laughed, cried, shared stories and beautiful food, tapped with EFT, made new friends, created vision boards, posed for the camera and generally had a whale of a time.


How was that for you? Please share your thoughts and feelings x



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