The discomfort of endings

DSC_0017-251x300As we make the transition from summer into the glowing days of autumn it feels like a good a time for a spot of reflection and a cup of contemplation.  How has this year been for you so far?  Good – bad – indifferent?  It’s been heralded as a year of transformation – about finalizing – creating endings, and the dawning of new beginnings in planetary and spiritual terms.


How have you viewed your journey as the months have sped by?


Wonder if you can identify with this ….? 


For me personally it’s been like shedding skins – painfully wriggling out of old patterns and relationships that no longer served anyone concerned, into the uncertain realms of new possibilities.  I’ve sometimes felt like a flippin contortionist, grappling with the fears and self imposed restrictions of the past whilst simultaneously projecting myself with all the velocity I could muster towards my passions and dreams – even imagining how those changes and endings might look, never mind materialize, was enough to bring up every Doubting Thomas voice from deep inside.  It took a while to move through, truthfully, it felt like an eternity – Lots of it was about shifting mindsets – You know, the Rules and Limiting Beliefs we learn to live by – and it’s an on going process.


In recent weeks I’ve been standing with one foot in the past and the other aimed precariously at the future, hopping from one leg to the other hoping for divine intervention to make everything fall into place and create a perfect scenario so I’d feel safe and secure in making humongous decisions that have the potential to rock my little world – but you know what?


It’s like the universe was willing me to make the jump so that the net would appear, as it has so many times in the past – How often do we forget what we know?  So … long story short – I committed and invested in myself and my work at a level I never dared before and I still don’t know whether I’m knee knockingly scared or giggle makingly excited – I prefer to choose the latter, it holds the most energy and this “rocket of desire” as Esther Hicks would call it, requires lots of high energy to fuel it!  I have tons of ideas bubbling that I’m intending to share with you, so watch this space …


We perceive endings to be so uncomfortable, it’s easier to procrastinate, put them off, make excuses, create reasons for continuing to tolerate undesirable circumstances because it actually  requires a degree of courage to move forward and move out of the discomfort of our comfort zones. It’s may help to remember though that once the clear decision and intention is made the universe moves to make events, people, things fall into place.  And another reminder – Be careful what you ask for – you might just get it!!


What actions / intentions are you taking and making to propel yourself  forward from where you are now to where you want to be?

What “Rockets of Desire” are you putting out to the Universe?

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