Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut?

How to get out of a feeling stuck place


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8 Ways to Get Unstuck

How have you been spending your days?


Are you being productive and feeling like you're really achieving what you want to get done, or have you been whiling away the hours and wondering where the time went?


My days have been chock a block full of ....   I don't know what.  In the end I conceded and decided that last week might as well count as an extra holiday.  I certainly had a great time catching up with friends, a spa visit, joined a leisure club and swam every day, shopped, visited, had the cottage painted, you name it ....


Only thing is there's so much to do and I haven't been getting it done.  So what's that all about then?


Actually, I think it's about feeling stuck.  It could also come under the guise of overwhelm, procrastination, being indecisive.
Call it what you will I have been in a place where I didn't feel like I could haul myself forward so I filled the space with all kinds of niceties.  I'm not complaining but there comes a time when I have to be open and honest with myself about what's been going on here.


I usually associate 'stuckness' with feeling blahhh, frustration or nothingness - this time it was quite the opposite and less easy to spot.


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1. Phone a friend


Do you have someone in your life who will listen to you for a predecided amount of time where you can literally pour out all your fears. negativity and "stuff' about feeling stuck?  Make and agreement that you are each allowed to do this for x number of minutes and then no more -  the object is to have the space to "get it all out" - not to dwell on it.


2. Do something you love


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Anything that brings some flow back into your life, that brings a sense of joy, passion and enthusiasm.


Smile.  If you can't think of anything immediately take a look at some favourite photographs, think of someone you love.  The important thing is to do something.  It will raise your vibration and be your first step.



3.  Take responsibility


Go inwards and understand that you have everything you need within you to succeed wildly today.  Avoid the tendency to look for external solutions.  By taking responsibility for your own actions and well being you empower yourself to embrace your dreams.



4.  Tell the truth


Including the big bad scary and vulnerable "stuff" and those things you've been avoiding or repressing.  Write about what's bothering you in your journal.  Be kind to yourself, be sensitive and compassionate, be your own best friend, and state your truth.  You'll gain lots of clarity that way.



5.  Look for patterns


Where in your life have you felt like this before?  This can often indicate how you created the problem.  It opens up your mind.



6.  Break it down


How do you eat and elephant?  One little bit at a time of course!



7.  Ask yourself


What would I do if I did know what to do?

What would I do if I didn't care what anyone thought?

What would I do if no one would find out?

What would I do if I knew I could not fail?



8.  Water has the answer


Have you noticed how water often provided the solution?

Do you get your best ideas whilst taking a bath or shower?

Drinking water gets your energy flowing and demystifies situations

Go be beside some water or imagine standing under a fountain or waterfall

How does that feel?


How do you get yourself out of a rut? 


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