Ever have a creative itch?

Get creative - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain


Getting creativeIt's that time of year again ... Artists and crafts folk are opening their studios and exhibiting across the counties to give the likes of you and me a taste of their diverse creative talents.

Having been lucky enough to be immersed in the energy of some beautiful creative friends whilst on holiday recently I couldn't ignore a longing within me to stop dallying about get off my butt to get myself back into the flow.

I'm without doubt highly creative in a textiley/mixed media kind of way, have been all my life and pencil drawing comes as second nature but offer me a paint bush and tubes of paint to do it 'properly' and I'll make every excuse under the sun not to. It's something I've avoided always. Perhaps I unconsciously recall muddy non descript messes being criticised as a babe - not sure - but why would I waste the time or effort for something I obviously have no talent for?


Whilst I was pondering an advert for painting classes offered fairly local to me appeared on my Facebook page
Message from the universe or what?


I've seen Jackie Whall's stunning portraits and have known she's been running classes for a while and thought "You know what, I'm gonna give it a go. What's to lose?"

Having to drive 15 miles to get there would normally feel like a real bind but not so this time.



It took a bit of courage to join an established class to try something I've never done before -and to create an image from a well known painting truthfully I didn't get what that was about.

It's at times like this non attachment to the outcome is such a gift.

At the end of the day what's the worst that can happen - anything can be painted over and if you don't like it you can simply not go again.



You know what ... it was a fabulous experience.

My powers of observation and appreciation for what we think we see (what a great metaphor for life) have been heightened no end.


Having a passionate teacher is half the job done.
Being able to dive deep into your senses mixing colours even when you have no idea how to apply them is so nourishing and liberating.



Okay so it was probably beginners luck but the end result was fabulously satisfying too (for me and for the friend who wants a pic for her bathroom wall)..


Moral of this little tale ... Have a go.


Life's short. Take some chances you never know how good something can be until you do.


Be brave ... Dip your toe into the waters of the  creative unknown. If that doesn't work or feel right go find another puddle to play in.


Most of all ENJOY this one beautiful life and fill your days (or at least find some time) with loveliness


What would YOU love to do for you? Please share xxx

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