Growth doesn’t happen as if by magic.

photo2-300x300Last year I had a much needed book clear out. 12 big bags in all. Volumes on personal development, complimentary therapies, workshop manuals and all kinds of related subjects …. so many …. unread, partially read – how come?


For years I had collected the books, listened to tapes, attended the workshops, conferences, trainings – that’s what you do to learn and grow isn’t it?


Lately though I had begun to question …


Is learning the same as growing or is the accumulation of knowledge a horse of a different colour?


Heck, the advent of webinars and online conferences has made it even easier to access all kinds of otherwise inaccessible speakers and events – you don’t even have to get out of your jim jams if you prefer not to.


So here’s the rub …


Reading the books – retaining all that information – it’s great – it makes us feel knowledgeable and can be very impressive. Files crammed with notes furiously scribbled during seminars, having the support of a Mentor are all outward signs of our progression … or are they?


Truth is, all of these things are merely ways of acquiring knowledge. Growth requires that we actually apply that knowledge.

[bctt tweet=”Growth requires at least a modecom of courage because growth requires change.”]


We attend a workshop, we learn something new, we’re elated, this is going to be the thing that changes our way of being, right? Well yes, it’s possible without doubt, but it is rarely instantaneous. Growth requires us to create new habits, change or discard old ones, act on new information and to develop practices.


For example …


I teach people Reiki. They can attend the training days, receive their Attunements, discuss the Reiki Principles, learn to channel that beautiful energy, go away, do the homework, receive the certificate, even attend Reiki shares and then what? Then they must create a Practice, first and foremost for themselves and extend it to others too if they wish. Reiki doesn’t go away, we have it for life, we always have access to the energy but in order to move, to change, to grow spiritually we have to use it.


Growth doesn’t happen as if by magic.

Growth requires that we act on what we learned.

Growth demands that we stop kidding ourselves.


When I tap with clients during a session or in a workshop I show them what to do – if they come back weeks later bemoaning the same old, same old, nine times out of ten they either ‘forgot’ or were too busy to tap and haven’t embraced the benefits of learning EFT Tapping and experiencing the energy shifts for themselves.


 The buck ultimately stops with us.


We can easily kid ourselves that we’re in the process of transformation because we have the certificates to prove it. We may even have invested in Personal Mentoring, done tons of paper exercises, yes, we have undoubtedly gone through the motions, but if all we do is pay lip service to the process, unless we develop a faith in ourselves by taking small steps, the unfortunate truth is that change and growth ain’t gonna happen any day soon.

Habits take time to develop and a good way to begin is small and easy. Begin small, and begin today



Habits are always easier to maintain when we share out success with others


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