Have you had one of those quantum moments?


FullSizeRender-300x300Oh how quickly we forget!! And how fortunate it is we can train ourselves to remember the better feeling thoughts.


After a month's break I've been once again reacquainted with the 'joys' of chemotherapy and am learning to reconnect with a state of surrender and acceptance of what is. It's still doesn't come easily ... Having a bag of noxious substance pumped into my veins sets off all manner of resistance but I keep on reminding myself it is just one facet of a whole bundle of wonderful healing support contributing to this journey of recovery.


One of the pluses though is having the opportunity to immerse myself in information and recordings I'd otherwise miss in a life full of busyness and maybe even share some with you. I'm even being kind to myself in thinking the ones I fall asleep in the middle of (and there have been a few) don't matter ... either what's said was absorbed at a subconscious level or else it wasn't important anyway.


As synchronicity would have it this week I have been presented twice with a glimpse of a fascinating study about a group of men and women who were surveyed over a lifetime about their life values before and after experiencing a 'Quantum Moment' - a time that takes your breathe away and give you a whole new dimension on life.


"One of those moments when you feel different, moved emotionally - responding to an ordinary moment in an extraordinary way ... increasing your ability to perceive and process information vital to your purpose in being here".


In his film "The Shift" Dr Wayne Dyre discusses this study:

“The Moment Your Values are Turned Upside Down” (W. R. Miller & J. C’DeBaca, Anatomy of a Quantum Change, Spirituality  & Health, February, 2005), which is about a phenomenon called …


Have you ever?


Have you ever experienced a moments/event in your life that's made such an impact it changed your perception of how you feel about yourself/others/the world at large? A moment that caused an 'ah ha' moment that ignited all manner of ideas/rockets of desire, or even put you on a brand new path?


Most fascinating to me is how this particular study highlights the internal female struggle faced by women and the 'Pursuit of Happiness'. Dr Dyer talks of something I've often thrown open for discussion in my workshops -  how females are inclined to embody cultural expectations thereby losing their sense of identity whilst endeavouring to be 'all things to all men' - daughter, mother, spouse, sister, nurse, grandmother et al. Did you ever make a list and gasp in awe of all the roles you play in life?


Initially when the women were surveyed about their top five values emerged as:

1. Family

2. Independence

3. Career

4. Fitting in

5. Attractiveness

Quite a juggling act of contradictions wouldn't you agree?


And once it changes ...


As life experiences unfold and women come face to face with one or more 'quantum moments' the study shows a profound shift. There is an undeniable deeper understanding that their sense of identity is no longer defined by the constraints of those roles and the outside world. There is a far greater  awareness of the power of perception, the choices they make and the need and desire for inner fulfillment.


After their 'quantum moments' the women's top values changed big time:

1. Personal Growth

2. Self Esteem

3. Spirituality

4. Happiness

5. Generosity


Do you recognise any of these more empowered self driven desires in and of yourself?


It would be easy to share moments that have hugely impacted my own thought transformations ... births, deaths, relationships, this current 'adventure' that initially challenged the core of every belief I hold dear and yet paradoxically is teaching me new depths of love, support and being. But you know, I'd much rather you take this chance to share your awakenings, your itchings, your desires, your inspiration and heart openings.  How's about we open up a dialogue? What do you want and need for yourself to help you make your quantum leaps? Big, small, complex or simple ...

How can I be of service to you?

Please do share either in the space below or Get in Touch HERE.  Let's see where this takes us.

Sending so much love x Sally





  1. Sarah on May 20, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Wonderful newsletter Sally, thought provoking and inspiring too, love being a part of your journey . I would love to share the first thought I had whilst reading this. A huge life changing experience was at one of your workshops, when you told two stories of the same thing with extremely different words and ways of looking at the situation- this helped me change my own story from one of a victim and woe betide me and change my perspective to embrace the life I’ve led and focus on the good things I gained from it. This I think was the start of my change in attitudes and beliefs and put me onto a new path of working on myself and finding my inner me and then daring to be me putting my masks away as I didn’t need them anymore and absolutely embracing who I am and loving myself, thanks for this wonderful work you do- it literally changes peoples lives for he better x love and light Sarah xxxxxxx

    • Sally Canning on May 20, 2015 at 2:13 pm

      Thank you so much Sarah. It is such a pleasure to witness your creative growth and transformation. Your work and the pleasure it gives is a gift to the world.

      Please feel free to contribute any thoughts/lightbulb moments – lets get some momentum going and create something wonderful for all concerned.

      Wishing you joyful moments every day x

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