Radical Self Care – what’s that then?

Self care - Me time ... Are you allowed?



Wherever you are today I wish you love and encourage you to take time for you. Take care of yourself. You are more important than you ever knew.


Sally CanningPersonally I'm still learning to allow and surrender, to open up a space in my heart to listen to the inner knowings and accept and appreciate the flow of unwavering kindness and support from those around me and to accept that it's more than okay to do what I want for me, when I want and how I want. I'm gently nurturing my phrase of the year ... Radical Self Care


“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”
~ Coco Chanel



It's in the heart space we’re able to embrace life in all its variables and remain open to infinite possibilities. When we settled into the peace of our heart space, little niggling emotions don’t settle. We still feel them, and this is important acknowledgment, yet somehow it's as if  the heart breathes air and gives us context and perspective.


"When the heart opens, we forget ourselves and the world pours in: this world and also the invisible world of meaning that sustains everything that was and ever shall be. When the heart opens, everything matters, and this world and the next become one and the same"
~  Roger Housden





This week choose one thing that feels good to you to enhance your feelings of loving kindness. Share it if you will. Expect to feel happier and to find yourself feeling little flutters of joy.


Where do we begin to love ourselves?


Being you should be so easy.
After all, how can we be anything but who we are?


Well ... that's how it should be, but if we’re honest, many of us spend a good deal of our time nose pushed up against the window pane dreaming of being something different or trying to be what someone else wants us to be. We forget somewhere along the way how beautiful our own brand of uniqueness actually is.


[bctt tweet=" “Be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be” " username="SallyCanning"]


~ Henry David Thoreau



We are shaped by our stories. Our personalities are created by life's happenings, there is no one else with a collection of cells and feelings like us on the planet. And if we want to own our happiness, it’s has to be authentic to us.


When we know who we are and are at peace with who we are life flows differently. It's like we become aware of our connection to the universe and the fullness of what's available to us as loving living beings.


Just because we’ve been told who we should be, and the way things ought to be doesn't make it right for you, or me, or anyone else for that matter. A great deal of the time we don’t fit into that kind of narrative. What’s important is being who we’re supposed to be - that beautiful bright spark we are inside.



“There is one thing we can do better than anyone else: we can be ourselves”
~ Arthur Ward




So who are you?


How do you know who you are, especially if you’ve never really thought about it before?


Paying more attention to your inner nudges - that voice inside can help enormously. I know most of us feel we're so busy that the voice gets drowned out, but it’s important to take a little time, ideally every day, to pause and reflect.


“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.” ~ Judy Garland



What does radical self care mean to you?


I have learned over time that to love every bit of ourselves, foibles, lumps, bumps, imperfections et al is where peace and contentment and joy really begin. Remembering about radical self care can and will be the start of a whole new way of being.


  • If you were engaging in radical self care on a daily basis, what would that look like?
  • What little bits of that can you bring into your life today?
  • How can you reflect radical self care in the way you speak, the way you dress, the way you are in general?



Try this ...


If you’re itching to take action right now, write “Who I am” across the top of a blank page of your journal and then start writing. Start each sentence with “I am…”


Don’t judge, just keep the pen moving and see what comes out.


Whatever you do, give yourself permission to be YOU. Remember who YOU are!
You are unique!
Whatever you have is perfect.


Give it a go.
What do you have to lose?


If you feel you'd like support I'm HERE



Let's arrange a time to talk about Who you are. What you want. Where you want to be. And how I can help you to rediscover the remarkable woman you always knew yourself to be x


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