How Big do you Dream?

“Dream your Dream a size too big so you can grow into it”

~ Sally Canning




“Nothing is impossible because impossible means I am Possible”  ~ Mohammad Irshad


How big do you dream?


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Or have you clipped the wings of your imaginings to make them more ‘realistic’ and grounded because that’s what your everyday experience has taught you to do?


Are you perched precariously on the edge of the precipice of life too afraid to make any kind of leap forward with doubts swirling in your head saying, “I could never do that,” “I don’t have what it takes,”  “What if I fail … again,”  “I can’t justify it,” “I can’t …,”  “What if …,”  “How much?!!!” “I can’t afford to pay that … !

So how are you at imagining?


The reason I ask is because in order to embrace your grandest wishes you have to be able to suspend your disbelief, just for a while, to give you a fair chance of dealing with all that negative self talk – the “Oh no, that’s not for me, I could never … even if I dared to – you know – all the stuff that sounds like good reasoning and common sense but is just a made up story.


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How about the prospect of unfolding your wings and being lifted to new heights in the lofty thermals you never knew were within your reach and capabilities?  Okay, so I’m not suggesting this is necessarily easy.  I’m not saying it can ” just happen.”  It requires taking a leap of faith, making a commitment to face your fears, and squaring up to your limiting beliefs if you wish to glide instead of stumble. It requires you to dream. But maybe, just maybe,  you are in the right place to consider investing in yourself and your dreams to embrace the support of a special someone to guide and facilitate your hopes and maybes. A Mentor who holds you accountable, kicks your butt when you need it, is your confidant, your cheerleader and your sounding board – the one who pushes you beyond your comfort zones, shares the thrill of you achieving beyond your expectations, and lifts you higher.



Now, only you are going to have an inkling of if that level of support is for you, and if the timing is right.  It might be that this is the perfect time to set your intention, to crank up your imagining, to send out a request to the universe, because when you have a strong enough desire to make something happen you are unstoppable.  Put it ‘out there’, notice what happens, and in the meantime I’ll keep on gifting you weekly tips and exercises to help lift your energy and raise your personal awareness.  Enjoy.



Keep your dreams alive.  understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, had work, determination and dedication.  Remember all things are possible for those who believe.  Gail Deves


Write it out

Throwing thoughts around in your head is great.  Concentrated visualization is better.

To enhance the details even further writing them out makes it even more real.

It helps to remember all the tiny details.

Create a vision for the future that captures your spirit and soul and review it from time to time.

Don’t wait until the situation is perfect.

Don’t wait until others agree with it.

Don’t wait until you’re skilled enough or have enough papers to prove you can do it.



Start now.  Today’s a good day to begin.  Believe in your dream.  Visualize your dream.  Write it down.  Hand it over to the universe and take one baby step at a time.  Your thoughts and beliefs create your tomorrows.  Why not ensure they are going to be beautiful?

What do you dream of doing/ being?


Success starts with a dream, a thought, but that’s only the first step.  Writing it out is the second step.  Doing one specific thing to bring it about is the third step. 

~ Frank Tibolt – ‘A Touch of Genius’




  1. Patricia Anderson on November 16, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Just watched your video. Fabulous.
    Just read your piece above. It is so true, when we talk to the Universe, the Universe responds and gives us what we need. I went to see Deepak Chopra at the weekend and felt reconnected. And once I began to feel that ‘extra connection’ things started happening … the positive words from friends and articles and books and, of course, the article by Sally. I was excited, elated and raring to go. But I noticed that I was having problems with my back (I fractured a couple of vertebra two years ago and have osteoporosis but ‘manage’ it). My first thoughts … I have done too much, I must cancel all plans and stay at home on the sofa with a hot water bottle. Stop. As Sally suggested I write any problem down and then ask ‘why?’ until I get to the root of the problem. The root … from my childhood … the message … don’t be. I want to be me and most of the time I am me but just occasionally when I want to take a big step forward, the fear comes back (quite literally straight to my back). Thankfully I am remembering to get out the toolkit and use it. My dream … to be me all the time and keep stepping forward experiencing. As Coco Chanel said ‘I want to be where it is going to happen’. See you there px

    • Sally Canning on November 16, 2012 at 12:18 pm

      How marvellous that you are so in tune with yourself Pat that you are able to be still enough to ‘hear’ your body’s callings. I’m so happy to be able to contribute to your ‘toolbox’ for personal discovery and recovery X

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