The Creative Workshop 

Everything you could need to make your journey of Personal Discovery

How does your garden grow


Your personal Workshop In A Box contains all the benefits of a Creative Personal Development Workshop in the comfort of your home

It's the nearest thing to an in person workshop with me that you can experience

'How Does Your Garden Grow?'
takes a unique and versatile approach that is open to your own personal interpretation

It is specifically designed to tap into your creative nature whilst you discover what is within you that is ready to flourish and blossom



We know that all of our dreams are held within us and that our hunches and instincts are our true guides and yet we often overlook this very important guidance. We get all 'left brained' about things - planning, setting goals, doing the 'oughts and 'shoulds' that affect us deeply without ever pausing to listen to our inner voice - the part of us that provides true guidance.

Maybe we think we don’t know how, or maybe we wonder if we’re just making it up.

Maybe it isn’t seen as ‘the right thing to do’. FullSizeRender

Maybe that would be regarded as ungrounded or even darned right ridiculous – it doesn’t follow the rules and therefore can’t be the right way to go about things.

Maybe we would become ‘visible’ in a way that feels uncomfortable if we decide to do things our own way?
So what happens?

We do what we think is right.

We follow the rules, we do what’s logical and practical, we meet the expectations of our nearest and dearest.

We maintain the status quo whilst pushing our dreams aside until a later date. And years later we wake up with this empty sinking feeling that’s like we’ve been silenced. We open our mouth to speak and nothing of who we truly are emerges. We feel guilty for being miserable and edgy and we ask ourselves, ‘What is this all about?’

It's all about you

I created 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' especially for you using the beautiful flowers of your garden, (your life), as a metaphor.  It’s about opening to your inner gifts and the possibilities that exist in your life.  I say we because I guide you step by step through this process of personal discovery to reveal what it is you really feel about yourself and what you dream of and hope for.

SeedsThe gentle prompts, questions and a couple of lovely meditations are designed to relax and encourage your unconscious mind to deliver the answers you’ve been longing for.

You're free to play like a child.  You can sit and ponder and create to your heart’s content – lose yourself in the sheer delight.  You can draw, paint, cut and stick, journal, write – however you best like to express yourself – it’s up to you.  If you feel frustrated because you believe you have no artistic skills - no problem!  This is your time and space and no one else is there to see or comment - and, you may actually surprise yourself.  Alternatively, you might wish to share the fun and experience the Workshop with a friend or two.

I’m there to virtually hold your hand through audio recordings and an accompanying Workbook.



'How does your garden grow?' comes to you in three parts


The Workbook                                    

The audios to guide you through the whole processHGYGG

And the Journal to record your thoughts, your feelings, your discoveries, your dreams and intentions.

I suggest that you download the Workbook and the Journal, unless you have a special one you prefer to use, so that you can create and write on the page to engage the right, creative side of your brain to become fully engaged, inspired and spontaneous during this process

I make suggestions on how to create a sacred space, and for anything you might need to make this a most fulfilling experience.


It’s up to you how you make this very personal, enlightening journey.  You can set aside a few hours of concentrated YOU time, or you can receive daily prompts into your inbox via email - whichever is best to suit YOU, your time and your lifestyle.





         All this for the amazing value of £67!


The Creative Workshop 

Everything you could need to make your journey of Personal Discovery

What people are saying


"This e-book gives a powerful healing and centering experience. The text is read aloud, which makes one feel accompanied and safe whilst opening up and exploring hopes and feelings, and the recorded meditations are wonderful and inspiring. It offers the experience of an inspiring workshop led by an experienced leader/healer, but in the privacy of one’s own home. Beautiful."

Becky Lewis, Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist

“I loved the whole process, your voice is so calm Linda_arms_fold227x340pxjpg-150x150and encouraging and I felt completely safe to be me and allow my inner thoughts to surface. While I was creating my pictures I felt in some way ‘guided’ because I was just quiet, and when I had a thought of what to draw next I just did it. I’m not an artist and have no idea how to draw perspective but I gave it my best shot and really enjoyed it. Looking at the pictures the following day I can really see how they reflect me and where I am on my life path. I’m looking forward to the next stage and creating my ‘life on purpose’. It really feels like I’ve been living under a veil for years and I now have permission to cast it aside and be me for who I am and not try to be who (I think) others want me to be. Thank you Sally, I know I’m going to return to this exercise time and again in future.”

Linda McCroft, Personal and Business Solutionist/Coach

Tina Bettison

"I think it is lovely. The question 'what is happening for me and to me right now' was particularly poignant for me and it unearthed some hefty resistance. My inner child was having a good strop about certain things in my future plans and by listening and journaling, I dug through not just to the roots of the matter but also to a solution which works for 'adult me' and made 'little me' happy. This is going to be a useful process that I will return to time and again, and since I have now found a voice for my creativity, anything which involves getting paint on my fingers or ink on the page is hugely motivating!"

Tina Bettison,  Best selling Author  www.tinabettison.com

All this for the amazing value of £67!


The Creative Workshop 

Everything you could need to make your journey of Personal Discovery

You are going to LOVE the 'How Does Your Garden Grow'

Especially if:


You are feeling like you’ve lost touch with who you are HDYGG Sunflower


You’re not sure of where you are going and you’re confused and unclear about what’s actually good let alone great about you 


You’re feeling STUCK and can’t see a way forward


You would like to follow your intuition and would appreciate a little guidance to gain some clarity


You might be pondering:old-world-swallowtail-144053_640


How can I live my life on purpose?


What is happening for me and to me right now, in this moment? 


How would I like it to be?


What is my dream?


What teeny, tiny step could I take to move forward towards my dream? daisy-321217_640


And, when I’m ready, what big bounds can I make?


What does my path towards my dream look like?




This Workshop will:                                                                                   

- Connect you with the authentic messages you hold within your heart pink-peony-111909_640

- Increase your confidence in yourself and your decisions

- Discover your qualities

- Explore what you need to support your growth

- Gain a clear view of your pathway to life on purpose

- Open your heart and mind to new possibilities

All this for the amazing value of £67!


The Creative Workshop 

Everything you could need to make your journey of Personal Discovery


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