How much Fun are you having?



Fun is FUNdamental –


I'm coming to realise more and more it's an essential part of life, kind of like food and water


I wonder if you know that it isn’t possible to hang onto a gloomy thought and a joyful thought at the same time?


Wow! think about that little gem for more than a nanosecond. It means you actually have a choice about how you feel, moment to moment!


Could you use a tip or two to ensure you are aware of the fun that is possible? A tool that enables you to plan for, and have fun, many times during the week, and then to reflect on your experiences?  Oh, I know that fun is subjective but the great thing here is that it’s up to you, you decide.


If you’re answering with a resounding “Yes” I suggest you follow these steps below – you can do this with a little bit of preparation, or you can do it spontaneously with a pad and whatever you have in front of you – Go on – give it a go – It’s fun and it works!  And you know what?  If you’re not used to doing things for you this is brilliant, because you’ll possibly take a series of tiny steps that will raise your expectations for yourself, and if you’re a gal who already loves treating herself, this will make you more conscious of how important self care is.

Getting ready


First, if you need permission here it is – just in case you need someone to tell you that having fun is “allowed”


Gather bits and pieces – scissors, glue, paper – they can be arts and crafts materials, or straight from the stationery cupboard.  You’ll also need some pics of you – having fun would be good, but head shots will do – you can stick them onto other images, plus magazine pictures etc.



Creating a picture of what you want


1. When you think of fun in your life what does that represent for you?  This can be by yourself, with others, being creative, sporty, relaxing, energetic – whatever it is for you.  (Brainstorm at least a dozen answers)


2. How can you represent those ways of having fun?   Maybe you’ll doodle, draw, collage, make lists, mindmap or maybe you can simply imagine all the ways to have fun and that’s enough at the moment.


3.  Now, lets take a look at the last seven days  …. What was the last week like for you?   Was it a typical week?  Can you even remember?  What did your week look like and feel like?  How much fun did you have day to day?


4. Did you have as much fun as you would have liked?  If not, why not?  How do you feel about that?  What are the consequences of that?  How could your days be improved by injecting some fun, relaxation and rejuvenation?


5. What do you value in your life, what matters most to you?  (Like an example?  Well, hows about adventure, creativity, sharing, love, wellness, connection, self reflection, compassion for starters?)  Did the way you spent your days last week reflect any of your values?


6. What values are reflected in your chosen ‘fun’ activities?


Sometimes what you do can be for you personally – like listening to a piece of music that lifts you up -  and if it has a funny association, even better – that’s a great way to bring a smile to your lips – Eric Idle singing ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics already springs to mind


And sometimes it’s fun to do something just because it will make another person happy – Pay it Forward.  Do something kind, unexpected, and even better anonymously and imagine the recipients reaction.


How about buying a tiny tub of bubbles – take them out of your pocket and blow sparkling rainbows as you walk to your car at home time – it may turn some heads but I bet you it’ll raise a smile, and your spirits too.


Make an overdue call, even if you don’t have the time – you can always say just that, “This is a quickie, am on the run, just wanted to say “Hello and Bye”


Write a gratitude note to yourself


Buy popcorn, go see a movie, rent a DVD


Indulge in a single champagne truffle just because you can


‘Car dance’ or sing at the top of your voice while you’re waiting – if other drivers look at you like you’re nuts wave and smile, I’ll guarantee they’ll smile back


If you like beautiful things visit a gallery.
The important thing is that you do something each day that feeds your soul!


Step 2.

Time to delve a little  deeper …  this may require some thought

1. What would you like more of in your days and weeks?  What ‘fills you up’, makes you feel alive and vital?  What is missing?
2. How can you do it?  How can you integrate some fun into your life?  What would you need to make it happen, or what little change can you make?  Do you need support – the help of a friend, family, a colleague, or do you need a Mentor?


Step 3.

Make a Plan

It’s good to be practical – it makes it tangible!


Using the materials you gathered together create a template of a week.  It can be big, small, colourful or bland.  Use paper, card, a white board, black board, chalks, pens, crayons – whatever works for you.  It’s good to have something large enough to stick up on your wall but in a book is good if that’s what you like to do.
I used an art board decorated with bits of tissue saved from old pressies I couldn’t throw away, divided it up, and wrote fun things I intend to do on sticky notes that can be moved around and reused


Step 4.

1. Hang it up, or have the page open where you will see it regularly.  You are going to revisit it everyday to remind you of what fun you’ve had so far and what you have planned for later, and tomorrow.  It’s much easier to remember when you have a visual prompt – like when you look at your diary page – only this way your appointment times are with yourself – and your Fun Calender will be ever changing so it’s good to keep a little notebook too – to remind yourself how much fun it was to be the creator of your own mirth.


2. Make time every week for planning your Fun Time. It’s a simple, really effective way of ensuring you make a space in each and every day for something that feels like fun.  Watch how your energy changes, your feelings are lifted and your thoughts go in search of more fun things to do!
“Live out of your imagination, not your history “-   Stephen Covey



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