How to embrace your full potential

I have truly loved my work for the past 17 years where clients have dipped in and out. Some staying for the longest time, some 'one offs' and others have been occasional visitors.


I have committed personally and financially to enable me to offer you excellence in the field of energy work. It's taken years but it's been lots of fun experimenting and I've often cajoled my clients into being 'guinea pigs' and case studies for the newest seemingly quirky techniques as they have evolved.


Purple-peoneyWhat I've come to recognise is that although working in single sessions undoubtedly brings fabulous results - it's really like giving only half a story and they are often on the basis of "crisis management".  However, to reap the greatest benefits and to enable my peeps to embrace their full potential, to move beyond their wildest dreams commitment and consistency are required on both sides.  I am passionate about this and if you ever read about my clients' experiences you'll recognise that others are too 

- the possibilities and transformations are endless and amazing.


I offer a powerful, expansive, loving, supportive process tailored specifically for you as the unique individual that you are.  It can and will change your life when you embrace the process and make an investment that reflects its worth.  Fair exchange of energy and all that!  So nowadays when someone asks me to give it away or reduce my fee I have to ask -

[bctt tweet="What is it worth to move you from where you are to where you want to be?" username="SallyCanning"]



Changing and the support we require to make those changes requires that we raise the bar. We can't progress if we continually stay where it's comfortable.  We are fortunate to have the luxury of choice in our lives.  The choices you make are up to you.  My choice is to step up to the mark to touch peoples' lives in a way they will benefit forever.



I have this saying

[bctt tweet="How you do anything is how you do everything " username="SallyCanning"]


I totally live and love what I do to give the best and for me it is the way forward - it's a brilliant opportunity for those who are ready and many of you will be able to cast your mind back and recall the words ...


"You must be ready because you found me"  Remember?



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