How to get what you really really want

How to get what you want

photo (3)Exploring our limiting beliefs and the excuses we make to keep us well within our comfort zones is a fast and hugely effective way of getting to a place where we can push our self imposed boundaries and tiptoe outside to face our fears head on.


I do know however, that in order to do make that brave decision we have to be in the right place. The timing has to be right and we have to feel completely safe with the someone who can help us through this sometimes traumatic feeling process.


[bctt tweet=”Most often we arrive at a place where our discomfort of staying where we are is greater than our fear and disruption of moving”]


At that point it seems we have little choice in the matter, the opportunity arises and then Kapow! we unwittingly grab it with both hands, it’s like we can’t help ourselves. Somehow everything falls into place.


Whether you are in that place or not … Take a look at the ‘How To Get What YOU Want’ Workshop details HERE here’s a really powerful process to help you get moving in the right direction. When approached with total honesty and clear intention it can make a help you make big changes.


This is the process I used to give up my job as a Lecturer in 1999. It was one of the biggest and best decisions of my life so I’m not just saying this, I really, really believe in it.


[bctt tweet=”If you don’t know where you’re going it makes it harder to get there!”]


Answer these questions.

Be honest with yourself and dream big.

Make your dreams a size to big so you can grow into them


1a. What do you want?

1b. What would you rather have?


2a. How will you know when you have what you want?

2b. Having got it what do you see, feel, hear?


3a. Where are you? Who are you with? How did you get there?

3b. Is this how you thought it would be? Is it really what you want?


4a. Are you responsible for all you wish to achieve?

4b. What can YOU do to make it happen?


5a. What will the consequences be should you get what you want?

5b. How will it affect other people in your life?


6a. If you could have it would you grab it now?

6b. What would achieving it do for you?


7a. What purpose does it fulfill?

7b. What prevents you from getting it?


8a. What can you do to make sure it happens?

8b. What is your first step?


Take a deep breathe – go for it, and please let me know what happens in the space provided below



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