Go on … I Dare You

In fact I double dare you

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” – Mary Manin Morrissey


IMG-20130128-00141-e1365281885755-225x300I know I’m always encouraging you to dream and Dare To Be YOU! but I am also fully aware you are often plagued by doubts and fears even when it’s something you really really want for yourself. I still occasionally get those little voices in my head yelling “yeah but” … you can’t do that ‘cos you’re too old/ people will think it’s silly/ you can’t afford it/ x won’t like it … and on and on .. do you recognise any of this?


To get past the voices of those little gremlins I’ve come up with a series of little Dares to help you take baby side steps to avoid their incessant chatter:



DARE to admit to your Dream


Find an image or three that represent your dream. It /they doesn’t have to be specifically what you desire so long as when you look at them they evoke the feeling of what you’d like to have in your life. Making a dream board is great because you can include all kinds of things that contribute to what you want.

Place your image/s in a position where you will see it regularly – I always suggest my students and clients take a photo of their picture and keep it as a screen saver on their laptop or phone – that way you can’t help but see it.

Mine? It’s on an A2 Art Board propped up on the fireplace at the foot of my bed so it’s the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the mornings.


DARE to Sing your Dream into Reality


Do you have a song that evokes the feelings of your dream? If not go find one. Google the words – search long enough on you tube and you’re sure to find one.

Alternatively you could crank up something like “Daydream Believer” (I know, I’m showing my age again :0)) by the Monkeys or any other song that brings dreaming into your awareness.

Make it your personal theme song – it will give you a link to your dream – hum it regularly


DARE to Create a Personal Dream Mantra


Affirmations are favoured by lots of people. In my experience they are best accompanied by some tapping. Just saying the same thing over and over can sometimes make you feel a bit silly but I found a little trick the other day that I highly recommend.

Create a positive affirmation – for example you might be intending that you want your life to be stress free and with a feeling of fulfillment
Make it in the present tense and say it like this:
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”


Now vary that by changing the emphasis on the words with each repetition – like this –


I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled”
“I feel calm, contented and emotionally fulfilled


Doing this really makes you focus on your Dream Mantra and to make the impact even greater you could tap one of the EFT Tapping points with each repetition
Go HERE to find an explanation of the Tapping points.


Speak your Mantra out loud when you are gazing at your Dream board.


DARE to Commit by Sharing Your Dream

If you’re feeling courageous, share your dream.  In a casual way is good – just so that you can allow the words to become real – like you’re unleashing your dream into the world.
The caveat here is that you only share your dream with someone you trust to be your cheer leader.


DARE to Invest in Yourself


cover-peacock-feather-300x200If you know it’s what you really want, and don’t know how to get there or if you know you want something different but don’t know how to get past all your inner resistance, your reasons and excuses and you’re at that point where you know you can’t do this alone  GET IN TOUCH 



Lets talk about how my guidance and support can enable you to discover your passion, your dreams, what it is your heart longs for –  Let me guide you and nurture you into a place of knowing and understanding what it is you want for yourself and then together lets help you to step into your dreams to create the future you desire.



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