I’m sorry … Why so sorry?

Have you noticed yourself saying sorry at every turn?
Seriously - have you listened to yourself lately?                                                                                                         How many times do you apologise in a day?


Really ... Is there any need?


I challenge you to notice how many times you say "sorry" in a day ... and what you say sorry for ...  Because you want to ask a question, or soften a conversation, or don't wish to appear too assertive, (without realising it of course) Heck I even found myself apologising when someone else has made a mistake or walked across my path or given me the wrong change ... for anything really ... It has become some crazy habit that seems to be pervasive as far as women go.


Have you noticed how many of us have replaced words like "excuse me" with "I'm sorry"?


Noticing is BIG!!


And once you're aware of this irksome little (yeah!!) habit what can you do about it?
By taking baby steps ... Believe me you are never gonna eliminate all the ways you say "sorry" or some other self depreciating statement like the old chestnut "It's only me" in one fell swoop but once you begin to notice where you say it and who to you can consciously catch yourself in the act and replace it with something that raises your energy and self respect.
Take a look at the video below for a bit of inspiration


Are you up for the challenge?

Would love to know how you go and what a difference it makes to how you feel



Pantene Commercial 'Not Sorry' from Arielle Antoine on Vimeo.

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