Intentions v’s Goals


Are you a lady who makes resolutions? 

And more to the point do you stick to them?

A favourite quote of mine is

“On the way to your dreams you may find a better one”

Spread-Your-Wings-And-Fly-199x3001I say this to my Mentoring Clients because it gives them and me permission to be flexible and to change their mind/direction if need be.


I heard from a lady the other day who’s business ideas altered drastically – she’s now pursuing her dream to be a freelance writer – Yay!! Happy dancing for her.


We often think it right to pursue a goal because that’s how it’s ‘supposed’ to be but when struggle is a constant factor maybe it’s time to re evaluate and change course even if that means doing it scared and imperfect to begin with.



Personally I’m not a great one for setting goals, I feel much more comfortable when I set myself an intention, I find it allows me to focus on who I want to be rather on what I need to accomplish. 


The way I see goals is very rigid, with a direct path, keeping you focused on the future and getting it all done – intentions on the other hand allow me to see the bigger picture, give me more choices and the permission to explore other options.  It allows me to stay aligned with what’s important to me (exploring a limiting belief or two along the way).  This is how I work with Mentoring clients too as it’s a great way of creating and promoting transformation.


My intention for this year is to offer you more ways for us to work together.  I can help you to gain clarity and confidence to overcome your obstacles and make the changes you want for yourself.  In addition to my Transformational Packages there will be creative and spiritual in-person and on-line workshops for you to be involved in and I’m already creating more inspirational eBooks.  What do you think?  What would you like to see here?  Do you prefer day workshops or would an online course be more appealing?


I’d love you to Get in Touch or share your thoughts and Intentions in the space below x


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